Byju’s celebrates the joy of children learning on their own in latest ad campaign

01 Feb,2017

By A Correspondent


Education platform Byju’s latest ad campaign celebrates the fact that if children love learning, they will learn on their own. Breaking the myths around smartphones being used just for entertainment purposes by children only – this campaign tells the story of how these devices can become an integral part of a student’s learning journey today. Offering rich content, interactives and videos, technology-enabled education has made learning fun, effective and engaging like never before.

Conceptualised and created by Lowe Lintas and the Byju’s media team– this campaign has been built on the central thought of the 2016 campaign – ‘Come fall in love with learning’. The campaign reinstates the simple fact that if children love learning, learning any concept becomes more fun and easy. In fact, it is important for students to become lifelong learners.

Showcasing everyday scenes between parents and children, this campaign emphasises that parents need not worry when their children are learning from Byju’s on their smartphones. It also shows how children are becoming conscious of their academic responsibilities and catching up on their school lessons using Byju’s Learning App, without adult supervision.

Said Mrinal Mohit, COO, Byju’s: “At Byju;s, creating quality and seamless learning experiences for students has been our key focus area. Parents often think that children use smartphone for entertainment only. This campaign has been crafted to help parents understand the importance of learning through smart devices and how the concept of using smartphone as a learning device is becoming widely popular. In fact, the TV commercial depicts real-life scenarios that students learning from smart devices would have gone through at some point or the other. We are confident that this new campaign will help us instill trust in the fact that better learning experiences enable students become self-learners and learn for the love of learning, rather than the fear of exams.”

Added Arun Iyer, Chief Creative Officer, Lowe Lintas: “Continuing with our central thought of ‘Come fall in love in with learning’ we probed further into parent and child relationships when it comes to studies. While the first campaign attempted to break the myth that kids don’t like to study, this time we brought in the angle of parents prying into what their kids do on smartphone. Built on the stereotype that children are more technology savvy than their parents and the fact that parents often think that their children only engage in trivialities on smart phones – we brought out the truth that children start enjoying studies, especially when it meets with their technology acumen. Hence, showing the role of Byju’s in a student’s life and learning process.


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