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08 Feb,2017


Chocolate major Mondelezneeds no introduction to consumers… yet, when  it brings out a variant, and in keeping with the times, it organised a closed door activity for food bloggers in Mumbai last fortnight where well-known chef Michael Swamy dished out some sinful creations out of Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo. With this variant, the company aims to further seize the growing opportunity in the premium chocolate category.  The product is supported by a 360-degree communication campaign designed to demonstrate the soft, smooth and crunchy silk experience which includes a new TVC, innovative outdoor and digital campaign and strong in-store visibility.  Santosh Jangid caught up with Prashant Peres, Marketing Director (Chocolates) for Mondelez, India to discuss the product’s marketing and more.


Over the last few months, we have seen Cadbury come up with more variations of its products than ever before. What would you attribute the reason for introduction of so many variants?

Over the last three or four years Cadbury has introduced a lot of variants into the market. It’s on a higher pace than before but that’s really a continuation of a roadmap that we had built many years back. We first wanted to introduce consumers to a more premium chocolate in India and we did this through the launch of Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk and once people had really tasted it and understood how good this chocolate really is I think they started looking for more and that’s when we decided to provide them with new experiences. So Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Caramello for example was the first centre filled chocolate with liquid centre. We then did Bubbly the first aerated chocolate and now Silk Oreo which is again first in its kind not only in terms of the combination of Oreo with Silk, vanilla cream, a crunch of biscuit but also in terms of technology. It has a cream that you are tasting in the centre, its very different from the kind of cream that you would taste even in the centre of an Oreo. It’s very refined, it’s very creamy and all this has needed new technology internally as well. The reason we’ve done this is because we believe consumers are really ready for it. In fact they are asking for more and more excitement and that’s why we see fantastic results with every innovation that we do. I think while we have done a lot of innovation in the category like silk, we have also brought a new format like what we’ve done with Fuse which is an individual consumption. It’s something that has a multi sensorial texture so it gives people a crunch, gives people a chewy texture, salt and sweet together and its also based on a different needs altogether.


How much of stress does the Introduction of new brands and variants obviously put on marketing spends?

I think the good thing about anything we launch under Cadbury is that it builds of the fantastic equity has had in this market. The mother brand Cadbury Dairy Milk has over 41% share in this market. So first of all whatever we do it adds a dimension to the brand, the innovations add a dimension of new use, our standard advertising that we do of course connects with consumers at a very different emotional level. So when you plan it as a portfolio and you plan your spends on different platforms well it does not put that much pressure on your advertising budget because they are all synergistic then in the end.


Can you talk us through the marketing strategy for Dairy Milk Silk Oreo?

There is a very big launch plan that we are underway right now. We’ve broken on digital and digital has become an important component of our adspends. We are doing various tie-ups with big digital platforms — Facebook, Google, Bookmyshow, launches on e-commerce. So these are some of the things we are doing and we are getting better and better at it but along with digital we normally do a big bang outdoor campaign and of course something that Cadbury is always known for is some really lovely advertising on television. So I think this combination works really well for us and you hopefully see it right through the first part of this year.


Are you looking at doing such exercises of taking chefs to other markets as well?

Definitely. I think this is the first time we have done that with relevant people in Mumbai and that’s because we are based out of Mumbai but I think seeing the success and seeing how much people have enjoyed this event we would definitely like to do it in more places. One of the reasons besides doing a lot of stuff on media what we love to do is sample our product to consumers. We are doing a lot of sampling simply because once you taste it you really fall in love with the product. So I hope everybody who gets a chance to see this (interview), goes out and tries it.


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