Amazon Prime Video redefines content watching in India

16 Feb,2017

By A Correspondent


With the launch of its Prime Video service, Amazon is ready to redefine content consumption in India. With the best content selection at your fingertips, and consumer-first product features, Amazon Prime Video unshackles consumers from the bonds of traditional entertainment consumption. To take this thought forward, the brand brought in Leo Burnett India to conceptualize its new integrated campaign – “India Ka Naya Primetime”.


Speaking about the new campaign, Ravi Desai, Director Mass and Brand Marketing, Amazon India, said, “Amazon Prime Video offers consumers the ability to enjoy the very latest and exclusive content, with easy-to-use features, enabling them to take control of what they want to watch, when they want to watch and where they want to watch. We believe this campaign will work towards building awareness of this new Prime benefit, as well as bringing new consumers to Prime Video, as every content lover would be attracted to this new world of entertainment.”


When it comes to content watching, India has evolved with content becoming its new social currency. Expectations are that content should not be limited by where consumers are, the device they are using, availability, or when they are watching. Having said that, while expectations from content have changed, we still end up consuming it the way we used to – by appointment viewing. Amazon Prime Video consumers are no longer restricted by a time slot, programming choice, or by who has control over the TV remote. They can watch latest and exclusive content, anytime they want, anywhere they want, making anytime – Primetime!


To carry this thought forward, the films feature a young couple, Rohan and Roshni, who are defined by their love for content. The characters individually have a distinct personality, and together, as a couple, give us a glimpse into their very interesting everyday lives, with entertainment enabled by Amazon Prime Video. The insight for the campaign stems from everyday fun, tongue-in-cheek moments. These moments allow for narratives created around the couple’s content watching behavior, making it relatable for anyone who loves to watch movies and shows.


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