amante redefines the art of gifting with their #GiftLingerie campaign

14 Feb,2017

By A Correspondent


amanté, the premium lingerie brand launched its #GiftLingerie campaign.The campaign celebrates a unique and unabashed relationship that women share as friends with each other today. amanté is breaking the status quo and introduces women to the concept of gifting lingerie to their best friend. The insight is based on a recent survey that women perceive lingerie as personal and intimate, making it a unique gifting option for the person they share life’s best moments with – ones’ best friend.


To bring alive the spirit of the idea, the campaign film portrays best friends who share a memorable lingerie gifting experience. The campaign celebrates confident, vibrant, everyday women and their attitude, aspirations and emotions, which make them multi-faceted, and unique.


The best part about choosing to #GiftLingerie is that it doesn’t restrict itself to an occasion. The campaign also aims at paving the way for self-love- gifting to oneself, a philosophy that the brand strongly believes in. “When you’re partnering a brand whose tagline reads “Dare to Be”, a bold idea like this isn’t really an option”, say Neel &Vinod, the Executive Creative Directors at Leo Burnett Orchard, Bengaluru.


“It’s always exciting to tap into a consumer trend and build brand relevance around it. Girlfriends have never been openly celebrated for how much fun and lack of inhibition they bring into each other’s lives as they are today. The brand takes this insight and weaves a story while creating a never before opportunity that’ll make you see intimate as well as fun gifting in a completely new light”, says Ganga Ganapathi, VP & Branch Head, Leo Burnett Orchard, Bengaluru.


“We believe that the new brand campaign will definitely keep people intrigued, excited, informed and involved. amanté was built on an ethos of doing things differently, of challenging the norm and because of this we’ve had many firsts including being the first to introduce the lingerie gifting experience”, says Smita Murarka, Head, Marketing , MAS Brands-India


“We want to reach out to a larger number of consumers in the country and spread awareness of the brand via the campaign”, she adds.


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