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17 Jan,2017


By Santosh Jangid


A quick chat with Neeraj Vyas, Senior EVP and Business Head – Hindi Movies & Music Cluster, Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN) soon after he unveiled the channel to the media. Excerpts from the interview:


How will Sony Rox be different from the others?

The main differentiator is that we will more than anything else bring alive sound and video quality as we have a partnership with Dolby. Dolby has a very stringent benchmarks that you need to comply with and we are very proud to say that we have adhered to all those benchmarks and we are actually merging the workflow of Dolby with Sony and the output that you see is a result of that. So it’s a huge step up for the whole music industry. That’s the first differentiator. The day-parting is another differentiator, the fact that we have deals with all the music labels is another differentiation. You pick up any channel, you will not find that. All the specials that we are doing – the Gigs in your town or School of Rocks which tells you about small things about music. We are also looking at doing interviews with musicians, we will also be doing music reviews. So a lot happening in the next six-eight months.


‘Mix for SD households, Rox for HD’


Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN) launched its second Hindi music channel Sony Rox HD which will cater to young music enthusiasts.  The channel showcases new Hindi film music in high definition visual format of 1080i resolution and enhanced by Dolby Audio. Served through a day-parted playout with unique programming initiatives, the tagline of the channel is ‘Music Melody Madhoshi’. Some of the specials on Sony Rox HD include Rox School of Music which educate the audience about the A to Z of making music, Rox Recommends which showcases the coolest hits every week, Gigs in your Town which unroll musical events around you and Rox Original Artist of the Month where there will be a new indie artist every month on the channel.


Speaking about the launch, NP Singh, CEO, Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN) said,“There were 15 channels when we ventured into the music genre five years back. We wanted to create the most music-centered destination on Indian television and Sony Mix went beyond our expectations on that count. Building on this gratifying experience, we decided to launch Sony Rox HD. And now, with this launch, we are geared to take a leadership position in the broadcast of music entertainment by curating an incredible experience for music lovers. While Mix will cater to SD (Standard Definition) households, Rox HD shall set itself as the premium contemporary music channel for youth in HD (High Definition) households.”


Added Pankaj Kedia, Senior Director, Emerging Markets, Dolby Laboratories  on the association with Sony Rox: “Great sound is essential for a complete cinematic entertainment experience and Dolby is excited to work with Sony Rox HD to unveil a dynamic audio experience for consumers.”


Why a new channel when you already have one in Sony Mix?

That would have disturbed the existing existence of Sony Mix. Sony Mix caters to a large section of people between the age group of 14 to 40 years whereas this is clearly for the youth in the age group of 14 to 25 years. You cannot dilute what a brand stands for and you have to only add to that. Mix has its own status, it’s a GEC kind of a channel and it caters to a large segment of the audience.


Tell us more about the association with Dolby?

It’s an understanding of two companies which adhere to quality so its more a marketing relationship where both the brands will benefit from the quality standards that each of us share with each other.


What would be the promotion strategy for the channel?

Luckily we are a network of 22 channels so we don’t have to look beyond that. The promos are already airing on the channels. We have a very large digital presence and we are the first ones to go live on Facebook for a channel launch. I don’t think anybody has done it. We are launching the channel live across all our network channel’s Facebook pages. So digital is taken care of. We have twitter handle where we get feedback, also on print. Outdoor is something we don’t do because it doesn’t  really work beyond a point. The strength of our network is our biggest platform.


On a personal level, how important is music to you?

Music is the only thing I live for. It ticks me like nothing else does. I start my day with music and I end my day with music. People normally watch TV before going to sleep, I listen to music.


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