Vodafone pushes data with SuperHour

11 Jan,2017

By A Correspondent



Vodafone India has gone aggressive on data and launched a new Super Hour offer that offers free voice and data on hourly basis for customised tariffs and recharges with data packs starting at Rs 16 (for 3G/4G) for an hour but may vary from given the region (circle)..


When asked about the about the thought behind the campaign, Siddharth Banerjee, SVP – Marketing, Vodafone India said: “Data consumption is on the increase in India and consumers are using internet in different ways for different kind of education, different kind of entertainment options and we see explosion in the use of data. Within that there are an array of plans that people have, there are wide variety of mobile internet plans, data packs, etc. We wanted to make the lives of our consumers simple with a dramatic revolutionary product that did not talk the language of MB and GB but talk the language of something that consumers are familiar with, as a construct which is minutes and hours which is why the thought of SuperHour came in or the thought of an hour came in and because we have had an association with SuperNet. So how can you best enjoy while internet on SuperNet with a product like Super Hour making lives of consumers easy by liberating them from any concerns of data usage through a small denomination product called the Super Hour. That was really the thinking behind SuperHour.”


Vodafone has launched a 360-degree campaign to support SuperHour with an objective to create a value proposition in the data segment with TVC ‘More fun to you’ that will help create rapid awareness for ‘SuperHour – unlimited internet entertainment in an hour’ offering. This will be followed by the second TVC which will go on air on January 16, 2017.


Speaking on how much does advertising play a role when the focus for most is around price, Banerjee said: “The most important part is to truly find out the relevant consumer need and if therefore that need can be addressed in a relevant manner, thats when you know you are on to something as a marketer. So, its less about the noise, the clutter, the price, that all comes afterwards but the most important is relevant consumer need – Is there an insight that you can therefore unearth out of that and can you develop something which will be useful and serve that need? We believe that there is a need for worry free mobile internet solution, we believe that it has to be at a smaller denomination rather than a higher price plan and therefore we constructed the SuperHour and we are now advertising it with an attractive price point and of course communication that we believe consumers would love and if our consumer research is anything to go by, they love the two commercials.”


While expressing his thoughts on Vodafone’s distinctive TVCs and campaigns, he said, “Vodafone has always been a brand which has been built on customer needs through various different brand icons. So, when consumers needed a network we had the pug and a network that followed hem. We continue to use the pug, so when we launched Vodafone SuperNet we brought back the pug. Then when we wanted to launch our VAS (Value Added Services) during IPL of 2008, we had ZooZoos and they are much loved and we have continued to use the ZooZoos in different ways on twitter, we continue to do various things with the ZooZoos but I think the core of Vodafone is instances where we are able to empower consumers to be the personal best that they can be and you would have seen that in the Be Super Campaign   Be a super dad, Be a super sister, Be a super friend and that I believe is something that consumers love. Vodafone continues to build the brand lovingly that we have built over so many years and products like these continue to make us relevant to a large part of the customers that we serve.”


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