Vodafone pays ode to farmers via #SaluteOurFarmers initiative

27 Jan,2017

By A Correspondent


On the eve of India’s Republic Day, Vodafone released a song tribute to Indian farmers with #SaluteOurFarmers- a tribute to the heroes of the soil. In a first of its kind collaboration, Vodafone brought together five popular folk artistes –PadmashriPrahladTipaniya (MP), MooralalaMarwada (Gujarat), Mohini Devi (Rajasthan),Balwinder Mast (Punjab) and Hayat Kahan (Rajasthan)to lend their voice to an anthem celebrating their lives of our farmers.


Said Siddharth Banerjee, SVP-Marketing, Vodafone India: “India has one of the worlds largest farming communities. As you know, agriculture plays a significant role in India’s socio-economic fabric. Vodafone’s endeavour has been to help this community through a service we provide called Kisaan Mitr. With Kisaan Mitr, we have been engaging and enabling more than 15 Lakh farmers for the past year. While Vodafone Kisaan Mitr has empoweredthe lives of farmers across the country,#Saluteourfarmers– is a humble endeavor from Vodafone to salute our farmers and their lives. Republic Day is an appropriate occasion to remind Indians across India of the immense contribution by the farming community to our daily lives. Let us allas a country, celebrate a farmer’s journey in his fields, with a special Musical composition that reverberates with the sounds of nature and each farmer’s special relationship with it.”


The brief to Geometry and Ogilvy was to design a tribute to Indian farmers, the true heroes of the soil, which would also build an emotional connect with Vodafone customers.


The key insight behind effort was that farming is a lonely journey. A farmer finds ways to keep himself entertained in the most natural way- Music. There are various sounds that he experiences on the farm like whistling, singing the glory of Mother Nature, interacting with birds and animals in the fields, etc.#Saluteourfarmers captures those unique sounds of the soil in a unique manner that is lyrically captured.


The video was shot over 12 days in Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. The team travelled to remote villages meeting farmers and also recording the sounds of their daily lives.The film features real farmers doing their daily chores..


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