Sakal says ‘Good Morning’ to change with power-packed forum

31 Jan,2017

By A Correspondent


What’s a regional newspaper group doing conducting a two-day seminar called ‘Delivering Change Forum’ at Mumbai’s Nehru Centre? A lot of hot air, you think. Especially since it’s got Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis in attendance along with the top deck of his administration.


Get ready for the tripe, you tell yourself. And then you see some pictures posted on Facebook by a few A&M land honchos, and you tell yourself that they must’ve been in attendance thanks to the missives from the affable CEO.


So you give Day 1 a miss. The tweets are promising, but then that’s what one expects from the official handle of any event. Hence the first half of Day 2 is also missed, although the session themes are inviting.


You finally do the trek to the venue, with the hope of meeting some old friends and consuming the yum batatavada and samosa at the canteen. Plus some diet cola to free yourself of some guilt. And scan the exhibits at the art gallery or the books published by the Centre which you always look up but never buy.


Enter the large, well-airconed hall of Nehru Centre. The head of one of the country’s biggest design shops does a “hey”. Along with her two others from Pune. And she berates you for having missed the first day and a half. But then she’s a friend and well-wisher of the big boss. You discount some of the praise.


You are then accosted by the marathon banker. You really missed it, he said. We move on. You really liked it, huh, we quizzed him. “Of course”. And he said how he had thought of just dropping by for the inauguration on Day 1 and since then has been riveted. “Couldn’t get up from the seat”. And you meet another adlander-cum-athlete who echoes the same. And yet another.


You finally sit in for the first post-lunch session. Mobile in hand, checked into Whatsappto fighting away possible boredom. Cut to three hours later. Fourteen calls missed. Some more from bank and telco DSAs. Several messages unread. Although one did make a few exits, met the big boss, the namesake, and a few other friends, the sessions were indeed engaging, albeit on softer issues like design.


So here’s a report based on the communique received from the Sakal Media Group on the event:

“Sakal Media Group organised India’s first “Delivering Change Forum” (DCF) on January 24 and 25 in Mumbai.Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis inaugurated the conference co-organised by Sakal Media Group and DCF (the advisory arm of Sakal Media Group), in cooperation with the Maharashtra government and many institutions from across the globe. “This is the right time to implement new concepts leading to transformation in a country which has the largest youth population in the world. We have to strive hard so that these new emerging concepts reach policy makers and then are implemented,” Fadnavis said.


DCF Founder and Chairman Abhijit Pawar elaborated on the concept of the conference. He said: “Connecting boardroom to grassroots is crucial for bringing about a desired change in society and Delivering Change Forum (DCF) aims at connecting the dots and converging efforts for this transformation”.He further added that ‘Maharashtra which has a large pool of youth and it needs to be channelised to bring about the desired transformation’.  Pawar urged participants to join hands in this work. “The SMG and DCF is a platform for development of women, youth and all sections of society,” he said.


Added Pradeep Dwivedi, CEO, Sakal Media Group: “In today’s context, media has to transcend from being a passive informer and act as vital catalyst for larger change and progress in society. Hence, this conference was designed with enriching content and brought a world class line up of speakers discussing the key trends, innovations and concept proven models, all of which with one objective in mind: To help deliver positive change in society and lead more effectively in the current environment.”


Commented Krishna Menon, CMO, Sakal Media Group: ‘Sakal is fulfilling its social commitment through initiatives such as Tanishka and YIN. As the social change is underway, developments in financial, educational and social sectors should reach all sections of society’.


The event culminated in a dinner over discussions with Ratan Tata, Amitabh Bachchan, Fadnavis (and senior government officials), senior advertising professionals like Sam Balsara, amongst others.”


Notes to oneself: Good Morning! (Sakal is morning in English). Send reminder request to Mr CEO for videos of the two-day proceedings. Pawar-err-Power-packed forum indeed.


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