Moto’s #SayHello campaign on ‘World Hello Day 2016’

09 Jan,2017

By A Correspondent


Leading the longest chain of ‘hellos’ on World Hello Day (November 21), Moto urged people to reconnect with their loved ones through its #SayHello campaign and start a conversation they have been holding on to for a while. The idea was to bridge the gap of physical distance between people and encourage them to explore the power and warmth of greeting someone.


The campaign witnessed massive participation across the globe and with 18 countries being a part of it, the activity generated 186 million+ impressions, 26 million reach, 340K social engagements by consumers across Moto’s social media channels. In India, the #SayHello campaign trended on twitter for straight 11 hours on that day with 24,000+ tweets.


The campaign kicked off with a YouTube video on Moto’s official page and registered good attention by consumers. On Youtube alone, the video garnered more than 600,000 plus views globally in one day. As part of the campaign, the video was displayed at 12 PVR multiplex screens in the top four metros in India.


Said Rachna Lather, Marketing Head, Motorola Mobility India and Lenovo Mobile Business Group India  on the campaign, “Moto is a pioneer of mobile telephony and the easiest, most convenient way to connect is to say ‘hello’. Given the power of social media in today’s day and age, we wanted to re-kindle that simple act of saying Hello to re-connect. We are super glad that we could initiate a global campaign from India and reach millions and help bringing them closer from across the globe.”


“Social media is a huge part of our culture and allows us to generate discussion and increase conversations, building community and e-connectivity with people around the globe. We are always a part of people’s celebration be it festivals or special days and through Say Hello campaign, we have reached out to people and urged them to connect and bridge the physical distance with a simple hello,” said SimranDhindsa, Digital Marketing head, Asia Pacific, Lenovo MBG


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