DSP BlackRock unveils #Taxytis campaign

25 Jan,2017

By A Correspondent


DSP BlackRock Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd has announced the launch of #Taxytis – its new digital campaign to urge people to start tax planning and create awareness about DSP BlackRock Tax Saver Fund.


The campaign highlights the heightened frenzy most people go through around January every year, which typically marks the beginning of the tax planning season. #Taxytis is a disturbing condition which is a result of the struggle caused by the inability to make sound tax planning decisions. Symptoms may include absent mindedness, nervousness, sleeplessness and an unhealthy obsession with calculations. A strong dose of ELSS can help deal with #Taxytis, which is where DSP BlackRock Tax Saver Fund is recommended as the cure.


Leading the campaign are three new, zany films that show snippets from the life of one Abhijeet Gupta, a #Taxytis survivor. The films use humor as an offbeat tool, especially in the mundane world of finance, to highlight the pitfalls associated with inadequate and unsystematic tax planning. DSP BlackRock’s #Taxytis campaign is primarily digital with support from in-theatre promotions. The campaign will also aim to start conversations around #Taxytis across social media platforms. The #Taxytis videos and the associated digital promotion will lead viewers to www.DSPBlackRock.com/Taxytis, where they can find information on #Taxytis and also get the cure for it. Not just that, they can compare tax saving options and calculate how much they can invest to save tax. The website also enables potential investors to connect with an investment advisor and for those ready to invest, an online investing facility for those who are comfortable transacting on the net.


Aditi Kothari Desai, EVP and Head – Sales, Marketing & E-Business, DSP BlackRock said, “We believe that paying taxes is an important duty of all Indians in order to help contribute towards the growth and development of the nation. Having said that, as money managers, it is our duty to help Indian investors grow their wealth while saving taxes in the most efficient and legal manner – by investing in Equity Linked Savings Schemes which help investors gain income tax exemption under section 80(C) of the IT Act. Our new #Taxytis campaign will help drive awareness and recall for our DSP BlackRock Tax Saver Fund, which has now been trusted by lakhs of Indian investors to save taxes while aiming to grow their wealth for more than 10 years. We look forward to more investors coming to us for their tax saving needs. “


Abhik Sanyal, Head – Consumer Marketing, DSP BlackRock said, “Tax planning, as simple and straightforward as it should be, sometimes masquerades as a disturbing condition that can cause anxiety, confusion and last minute chaos in a working professional’s life. This was the insight that helped craft our #Taxytis campaign. As Indian investors have become more aware and judicious about investing smartly, Equity Linked Savings Schemes have gained popularity over the years when it comes to saving tax. We’re aiming to build on this awareness and present our Tax Saver Fund as a suitable option. Our campaign is an attempt to bring forth a simple but hopefully clutter breaking concept that bases itself on situational humor and quirky characterization to effectively address a hitherto serious and possibly onerous subject.


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