Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: Is it fair to expect a drop for women working till late?

12 Jan,2017

By Jaisurya Das


Thank you Ladies and Gentleman for coming back to this all-new edition of Dear MxM, Week 2 of the year 2017.

This week hasn’t been too encouraging for print media, what with news of the impending layoff of over a 1000+ from the fraternity. Heart of hearts, am hoping this report is just another hoax of the world wide web; Yet I know this is the brutal reality that stares us in the face.

Informed decisions no longer happen with print. I demand the minutest detail, the horrid review and the unbiased comment each time I need to make a decision and only the digital world can deliver this experience…

Purchase decisions are no longer governed by the ‘Front Page Solus’ ( the only ad that appears on a front page of a newspaper ) advertisement or the ‘Top of Column’ page 3 ad..

We buy only what is publicly bandied on digital. To be in line with the rest of the world is in our bloodstream…Its a tough road ahead for print and the others who still believe that being everywhere works.

Mindspace and Neurone capacity will become the clincher, when it comes to separating the wheat from the chaff.

What needs to be watched however is the sieve itself…

The audience as I call it !


Well, for now it s time to get to our readers from Bengaluru, Kolkata and Pune

and respond to their queries… Read on Ladies and Gentleman.


Sir, I just got my CAT scores and fared miserably in it. Would you recommend the MBA in Communications/Media Management programme… I have heard starting salaries are much lower than a full-blown general MBA?

Hi and thanks for writing in to us at Dear MxM. That’s not entirely true and it really varies greatly basis the university of college you are graduating from. For instance, MICA graduates get a significantly higher salary in comparison to smaller media institutes across the country. XIC, Symbiosis, Christ College etc also see decent starting packages that are in line with other MBAs.

As you’re probably aware, even a broader MBA package greatly fluctuates basis the college you are doing it from so this situation isn’t really very different. Its just that there aren’t any top of the heap IIMs offering a media/ communications specialisation and hence the stark comparison of salaries.

Finally, all this boils down to what your academic objectives are. If media and communication is the focus, then stop thinking and get cracking on seeking admission with a good institution.


Do you think it’s fair to expect women to work till late in the night without arranging for adequate facilities for their drop back home or to the train station evening if it’s safe(r) here in Mumbai?

It’s the obvious dichotomy that is omnipresent here. The woman is considered an equal in all respects and certainly within the corporate system. In the light of this giving any special treatment would be debated.

However, personally I would advise transport arrangements if staff are expected to work late and often. I think, it’s only fair that this is provided to all. Yes, companies do permit taxi fares etc but finally its about travelling back late night and often for over an hour to get to their respective homes in large cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

Given what we have seen off late in most metros, I think it’s quite unsafe for women to be traveling alone and companies must provide for company escorted transport if timings cross anything beyond 10pm.

If not anything, this will prompt smarter work and higher efficiency in order to ensure that people don’t have to work overtime too often !


Sir, this is not a career-related question but it’s something that is possibly going to have me change my career choice. I had heard about standards having fallen in journalism, but I was shocked to read a report on Karan Johar’s sexual orientation on the front page of The Times of India. Agreed he’s a popular name, but why this on top of Page 1?

Well, the medium is the message isn’t it ! Hence if the medium has morphed into being an infotainment one, this bit of news is certainly front page material.

Consumers have the choice to decide what they want to read and hence its for the audience to flip brands like they would dominoes..!

Journalistic standards are all norms that the audience has set. There is no good journalist unless he/she has a loyal and relevant audience. This isn’t about lofty ideals. Its about being there and read or watched by discerning people..

Good journalism would normally attract decent audiences but what is good or bad is finally for the public to decide. Nothing will change this paradigm ever.


Sir, almost all radio stations air similar music. First there was only one playing retro, now there are three. Too much of the same is not said to be good, but here everyone appears to be thriving!? Your comments.

Why not? Why go about reinventing the wheel when someone has done this efficiently… I have always believed adopting a great idea that has been tried and tested works provided the challenger has the ability to tweak it well to generate fresh interest.


How is this any different from a pizza or a burger chain. All incumbent brands have seen challengers and some have done it far better. The best marketing cases have emerged from ideas that have been adapted better by a new player.

Where would have Burger King or Amazon have been without McDonald’s or Barnes and Noble ? Simple ideas that changed the way the business was done. Adopted, perfected and taken ahead as the challenger.

The smart got smarter and stayed on. The rusty moved out and shut shop.


I leave you with this thought for now; Dear MxM will be back next Thursday, with new Questions and newer Answers. Keep mailing us on and we will give it our best and alleviate your concerns. Till then, it’s me Jaisurya Das saying Sayonara and God Bless!


Jaisurya Das, maverick and media evangelist, eats, sleeps and makes love to brands. His consulting interventions are aimed at making brands powerful and sustainable. He is also the Contributing Editor of MxM India and Co-Founder of For more on his work visit The views expressed in this column are his own.


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