Chrome Data publishes report on OTT rise

03 Jan,2017

By A Correspondent


Chrome Data Analytics and Media, a leading research and data analytics firm, has released ‘Now Streaming: OTT’, a report around the rise and penetration of OTT players in India.


The report covers key aspects of the evolution of the OTT industry, which primarily gives broadcasters, advertisers and OTT players a deeper insight into their key target markets. The report points out a range of findings that would help one understand the OTT Landscape in deeper detail. Here are some findings:


1) In Urban India, 6% and 24% of the population accesses OTT on a daily and weekly basis, respectively.

2)  More than 50% of the viewers still prefer TV as the 1st screen for viewing.

3)  Exclusivity of content helps increase awareness and eyeballs for the Platform.

4)  User Experience on smartphones plays a vital role in driving penetration. Currently, smartphones hold only 29% penetration.

5)  On Subscription,

i. More than 75% of the audience prefers free services with Ads as they are already paying for Internet services.

ii. Rest of the population is ready to pay for the services with subscription amount varying on the basis of gender, age group and geography.

6)  The potential of ‘Offline’ mode in India is quite high because of infrastructural issues & high cost of unlimited internet.

7)  The potential of ‘Offline’ mode varies with gender, age group and geography of the consumer.

8)  The same Viewer behaves differently over Television & OTT.

i. Solo Viewing is not the only reason for pushing viewers to OTT.

9)    OTT players should focus on Regional content as inclination towards Regional content is increasing.


Talking about the growth potential of OTT, Pankaj Krishna, Founder and CEO, Chrome DM said: “The entire internet base which is 464 million today, qualifies for OTT’s growth potential. However, infrastructure enhancement and low-cost unlimited internet plans are the key drivers that will exponentially help in reaching and further increasing the potential base itself.”


According to a communique, Chrome DM has also outlined the consumer profiles in detail, by classifying them into broad segments, listing out characteristics basis genres consumed. The characteristics defined for each of them gives consumer insights that will be of use to OTT players, Broadcasters as well as advertisers.


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