Red Bull gets Supari Studios to film BMX champ in Shillong

30 Dec,2016

By A Correspondent


When it’s energy drink Red Bull, one can be sure that the promotional effort will be out-of-the-box. A new film, conceptualised, written and produced by Supari Studios and called ‘The Land Glider’, covers six-time world champion BMX Rider, Viki Gómez visit to scenic Shillong, in Meghalaya.


The film is loosely based around folklore, making Viki Gómez appear to be an urban legend of sorts for young BMX riders in Shillong.  The film contrasts upcoming BMX riders in the North East with many of the traditional aspects of the region such as the Khasi language. The narration is highlighted by music, along with high speed and drone shots.


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