Jaquar rolls out new film with Enormous

08 Dec,2016

By A Correspondent


In line with Jaquar’s leadership position, Enormous has crafted a campaign with an aim to re-create awareness of the brand among the premium audience with global sensibilities. The film titled, ‘Rain’ revolves around how one shower can help consumers relieve their all-day stress.


Said Sandeep Shukla, Chief Marketing Officer, Jaquar: “Connect brand Jaquar with consumers having global sensibilities and aspirations. We wanted out of the box idea which  re-creates the magic of re-discovering bathing.  We wanted to induce Jaquar bath spaces as individual’s personal sanctuary to wash away the stress of one’s day to day life.”


Added Ashish Khazanchi, Managing Partner, Enormous Brands: “The new age products from jaquar elevate the mundane experience of bathing to a level never experienced before. We wanted to turn this functional benefit into an emotional benefit. The opportunity was the undifferentiated category clutter and the sameness of executions across brands. We found the fit in the Indian concept of ‘shuddhi’, when one takes a bath one sheds the remains of the day.”


Ajay Verma, Managing Partner, Enormous said, “Jaquar as a brand has been a pioneer over the years. We wanted to set the brand apart from the category paradigm of ‘Girl in the bathroom’. The idea was to pivot the brand around a relevant insight of Shuddhi  and the execution was planned in a way that clearly sets up the brand right at the top – One that re-defines the bathing experience.” The film is shot in Budapest and post-produced in Poland.


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