Haptik 5.0 app relaunches with a 360-degree ad campaign

22 Dec,2016

By A Correspondent


Haptik, a personal assistant app and first conversational commerce platform. launched version 5.0 of the app and chose to do so with a 360 campaign with print, outdoor, digital and TVC ads. Conceptualised by The Glitch, the ad highlights a day in the life of a Haptik user. An assembly line of part-human, part-robot assistants, robed in slick suits, choreographed to perfection to an upbeat tune, ensure user’s every wish is fulfilled in a jiffy, which mirrors the exceptional customer experience offered by Haptik through swiftness of service, that is sure to turn every new user into a loyalist.


Speaking about the re-launch, Aakrit Vaish Co-Founder & CEO at Haptik says, “I believe a great video is critical to the success of a consumer internet product marketing campaign. Since the start of the company, I have personally tried to get one made and failed 5 times. Finally, we have one that resonates with everything the brand stands for and we can all be proud of. The Glitch team has lived up to our high expectations as a true video first agency, and we are very excited about using this asset for a long time to come.”


Adding more about the campaign, Petal Gangurde, Creative Director at The Glitch said, “To build the Haptik brand story we chose young, vibrant, urban style cues that demonstrate the fundamentals of technology-driven, efficiency-focused service excellence, while indulging the cool quotient. Therefore, brand communication drives home the role Haptik plays in our lives – Haptik is the intelligent, intuitive assistant you have always dreamt of – the kind that works round-the-clock; simplifies your life and always has your back. The campaign creatives in print and outdoor, also plays a key role in demystifying the lifestyle management value proposition of the app while also showcasing its benefits and ease of use.”


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