Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: I find most adsales professionals pretty horrible in keeping accounts…

15 Dec,2016

By Jaisurya Das

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, Welcome back to Dear MxM, this  50th week of 2016. As always, we have interesting questions and hopefully apt answers for all of you, not to forget our all time favourite brief introductory candid piece..

For the past 12 months, my daily commute and drive around the city of Pune has been peppered with the noisiest advertising jingles that can scare the daylights of the Wizards at Hogwarts!  Absolute geniuses in cacophony, these ad jingle makers obviously take great pride in ruining the little thats left of your day..

To test how obtrusive and incessant this can be, I actually timed the ride from my home to office and I realised that I got to listen to some music ( which in itself can be horrid at times ) only for 2.65 minutes. The total ride, 24 minutes!

So if you are lucky, you will probably get more than the 10% that I did. Yes, I am from the fraternity and know that radio needs this advertising and is pretty much cleaning up all the retail budgets.. But have a heart my buddies, and don’t you dare forget that bereft of audience interest, the station is little more than a studio with jocks..

Last night, however, there was light at the end of the tunnel when I was retuning my car radio and I landed upon this new offering from Radio Mirchi. Good going Vineet Jain and Prashant Pandey. Mirchi Love is a pleasure to listen to.

I don’t know how long the ad-format with last but yes, there are a million ways to earn money without being obtrusive for your customers and listeners. Advertising must stay but not become all pervading like Ether!

I wish Mirchi luck with this station and will stay with you, as long as you have decent music that I can get through my drive, or at least most of it.

Well, as always I must move on to your readers from Mumbai , Hyderabad and Chandigarh who have an interesting bouquet that one has responded to.

Read on. Ladies and Gentleman…


Sir, I find most adsales professionals pretty horrible when it comes to keeping accounts and following systems. Do you think it should be compulsory for them to undertake a short-term course… as it will only help them be better professionals?

I think you are being unfair in generalising. I have seen several young advertising professionals who are exceedingly diligent with their systems and MIS. Yes, this breed is limited but they do exist and hopefully will grow as time goes by…

I don’t blame these young professionals as today, companies spoonfeed them with information that is so voluminous that it’s often ignored completely… or at least till the next review meeting!

Moreover, advertising sales has been reduced to comfort visits to agencies and clients. Go where you get a good cup of tea and discuss everything from #demonetisation to #vardah. No unnecessary questions, no painful figures being asked for, nothing.

No advertising either. Good PR is thy name. Does this work any longer? Am afraid the answer is NO. So, coming back to your question, refresher courses can help but more importantly the leaders need to get serious and learn to lead from the front and not in fancy glass cabins and shake a leg on the s called formidable chairs they sit on.

That chair isn’t a recliner after all.


I work with the digital arm of a large creative agency. While it’s alright to say that even the office assistant or cleaner can suggest an idea for an awardwinning campaign, in reality everyone works in silos, and I often have to just shut up and not suggest ideas. Surely there’s a way out of the redtapism. What should I do?

Yes, move organisations. I have no other solution to offer. my friend.

If characteristically, the company you work for treats you like the furniture, then it’s best you move on.

Red tape is best seen from a distance. Overcoming it is akin to what our PM is attempting to do. You end up getting all the flak and the good gets mitigated by extreme negativity and disgust. Pity, but such is the human being..

Am glad I love animals. They are unpretentious and know how to genuinely love.


Sir, you seem to think demonetisation is good. But the impact on the media is huge and already we hear of large-scale rationalisation of staff and salaries. Do you think the scare is large enough for this, or are our media owners using demonetisation as an excuse?

Whatever downturn we are witnessing started long before the demonetisation and has very little to do with it, save smaller advertisers in retail and to some extent real estate.

For them, the channels were open and a lot of conversion happened through the advertising they did. Briefcase agencies as I call them, were always ready to get paid in cash and hence this was a great method to be above board and yet get rid of the unaccounted wealth.

For the rest, demonetisation is just another excuse to delay payments. The lady who takes care of the housekeeping at our office was telling me just the other day how difficult it has become for her.

Not because she doesn’t have access to her cash, but more so as seven of her 12 offices haven’t paid her meagre salary using demonetisation as the excuse. Mind you, she has a bank account and a smart phone as well. She asked me  “Sirji, how are these people buying petrol for their big cars? Do the petrol stations give them credit?”

She couldn’t understand the dichotomy of her predicament. Huge cars, tank full of gas and yet the owners don’t part with 1000 rupees a month for her salary.

I trust I have answered your question my friend.


I hear Arnab Goswami is starting a new news channel. How can I apply? And do you think I should apply, given the uncertainty there?

Well, that is left to you to figure. Am afraid I am unable to share his details in this column but you can certainly track him down through Google and get his mail ID to take your interest ahead.

I have no idea on his plans, though. yes, am pretty certain he will be back with a bang. As far as they uncertainty is concerned, worry about it but not more than life itself!

Risks are heady and good for the soul. If not anything, they train you in preparing for the unexpected and uncertain. Go for it, my friend.

I wish you all success ahead.


OK, I hear the Editor’s bell ringing now and hence time for me to wish you all a splendid festive weekend. Get those Christmas goodies in place and keep the cellar well-stocked! Do take good care of yourselves till we meet again. Sayonara and God Bless. And yes, keep mailing us on ! You know the rest…

Jaisurya Das, maverick and media evangelist, eats, sleeps and makes love to brands. His consulting interventions are aimed at making brands powerful and sustainable. He is also the Contributing Editor of MxM India and Co-Founder of more on his work, visit The views expressed in this column are his own.

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