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12 Dec,2016

As Director – Marketing Communications, Deepika Singh is the official spokesperson and head of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs at Gionee India. She has over 16 years of diverse experience in the field of communications and branding, and is an integral part of the core Corporate Strategy team at Gionee India. In this edition of ‘BTL Baatein’ which which is powered by VISCOMM, Santosh Jangid gets the views of Deepika Singh on Below The Line (BTL) advertising, the focus of the company and the balance between ATL (Above The Line) and BTL at this hyperactive cellular devices company.


How important is BTL to your overall marketing plan?

We need to look at a 360-degree view in terms of reaching out to our consumers and reminding them about our presence and product lineup. We prioritise our basket of ATL and BTL activities to create awareness about our services offered to our consumers.


Can you also specify the range of activities that you undertake as part of the below-the-line advertising and promotion?

There are various BTL activities that we focus on. Since the brand has been youth-centric we associate with numerous colleges and youth events to appease our target audience. Parallel to these we also undertake retail display and promotional activities, neighbourhood market branding, shop and market signage which sets us apart from our competition by creating a look and feel that is unique to the business.


Can you give a broad idea of your spends pie of ATL v/s BTL?

Both are essential advertising techniques for a brand and hence it reflects in marketing spends for ATL and BTL on equal platforms.


Do you prefer to do this through BTL agencies directly or via your existing creative/media agency?

Our existing creative media agency is for major executions for our brand. For small scale projects we use our local vendors who have been aligned to our local team to get the activities rolling to achieve maximum output.


In terms of generating results especially from consumers and in B2B, do you find BTL a more sure shot avenue than ATL?

In terms of generating results from consumers and in B2B both ATL and BTL prove to be inevitable for our brand if planned and executed properly. Hence both are required to ensure recall, awareness, affinity and experience.  However, human factor, preparation time or training needs mean that BTL has a higher lead time.


While sales and salience are good indicators of its success, what are the attributes you look at to measure the success of a BTL campaign?

To measure the performance of a BTL activity we look at the ROI as the benchmark to record Incremental sales accomplished against the money spent of a new product sampling.


There are many organisations that often do new launches almost entirely on BTL aided with an outdoor and/or digital blitz? Your views on this. Given rising media costs, do you see BTL managing on its own, without ATL?

Different brands perceive differently when it comes to fragmented markets. However, after a certain extent, a mix of both will always be more productive and practical as they both help build a consumer and influencer recall giving the brand a push across platforms.ATL and BTL conjointly ensure sufficient visibility and establish a multitude of consumer touchpoints.


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