Zenith unveils a new tool for planning via machine learning

11 Nov,2016

By A Correspondent


Zenith has developed a unique automation of digital planning that delivers significant improvement in effectiveness for marketers and is set to fundamentally change the way that agencies and their clients optimise digital media, notes a communiqué.


Over the past six months, a taskforce of data scientists and strategists from Zenith has been developing sophisticated automation of digital planning using the network’s machine-learning technology and bespoke algorithms.


Vittorio Bonori, Global Brand President at Zenith, said: “Zenith is leading the way in changing the business model for digital. This important programme is part of our strategy to leverage the power of data and technology to drive profitable growth for our clients.”


Tanmay Mohanty

Added Tanmay Mohanty, Group Chief Executive Officer at Zenith India, on how machine learning and automation have the power to radically transform businesses:  “Machine gleaned insight and attribution modelling help connect the dots, where data is being collected on a massive scale. It leads to sharper deliveries, enhances creativity and brings in breakthrough strategies and ideas. In the new world, the companies that progress are the ones that are agile with data science, visualisation, automation and technology. We are pleased to be at the forefront of this great change.”


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