‘Umbrella with raindrops’ the new emoji to discuss safe sex

29 Nov,2016

By A Correspondent


Leading condom brand Durex has announced ‘umbrella with raindrops’as the overwhelming choice (23.3 per cent)in a global poll to find the unofficial safe sex emoji.Shockingly, almost half of 16-35 year olds think that HIV is not something that could ever affect them despite the fact that every 30 seconds a young person is infected with HIV.


The unveiling of an unofficial safe sex emoji is the latest move in Durex’s ongoing #CondomEmoji campaign which calls for Unicode to put a safe sex emoji on every smartphone in the world in order to help young people communicate about safe sex more easily.


Said Durex Global Category Director, Volker Sydow: “Until Unicoderecognises the need for a Condom Emoji and reverse its decision to put a safe sex emoji on every smartphone across the globe, we must continue to  demonstrate that there is the desire for such a thing.  We believe thenaming of “Umbrella with Raindrops” as the unofficial safe sex emoji will be a significant step towards helping young people put safe sex back on the agenda. We are asking people to show their support for the cause on World AIDS Day 2016 by using this unofficial safe sex emoji and the hashtag #CondomEmoji.”


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