Top Trends in Content Marketing 2017

30 Nov,2016


By Santosh Jangid


In India, digital buyer penetration is projected to jump from 43.8% in 2016 to 70.7% by 2020. Indian content marketers equally use social, blogs and newsletters and getting audiences to share brand content means appealing to their interests especially and B2B.  These are some of the highlights of the 2017 Content Marketing Predictions and trends report for India unveiled by DMAi’s Content Marketing Council that were curated by LinkedIn.


The report hands out 10 trends that we may see in the content marketing world in the next year. Speaking about the report launch, Vatsal Asher, Co-founder and CEO, DMA Asia said: “It is a super exciting day for us and I am so pleased to announced on behalf of the International Content Marketing federation where DMAi is a member we are unveiling the first piece of detailed research around the state of content marketing and content marketing trends and predictions. We feel this is a big step to help our fellow marketers and the industry at large to know what is going to happen in 2017 in the world of content marketing on how marketers can leverage it and what is in store for brands and what are the consumers expectations from content marketing of brands.”


On how the report will be beneficial for content marketers, Asher said: “Content marketing has evolved to have many definitions and marketers are struggling to find the right answer to content marketing. How do they do relevant content, how do they curate content, how do they disseminate content and in the fragmented media engaging relevant storytelling is still the norm. The methods of distributing content has changed. Businesses are fast adapting to this new methods, how consumers consume content, be it long form text, pictures and videos and the content beyond the conventional text, pictures and videos. So, be it experiential, be it on ground, digital or offline, there are variety of ways in which content is being consumed by consumers and to make the connection with consumers at the micro moment of truth is the test. Our report gives insight to how marketers can look at some of these challenges, what are their peers doing in India and across the world, what are the trends that are predicted by some of the content marketing professionals in India and abroad.”


Said Virginia Sharma, Director Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn India on the report: “As chairperson of the Council, I am particularly proud of this piece of work as Content Marketing Council we should really represent the best of content marketing in the industry and the fact that we have been able to come out with a very compelling content piece in partnership with many different folks in the industry makes me very proud.”


Further speaking on what trends we might see next year basis on the report, Virginia Sharma added : “The report has some great trends. I am particularly excited about argumented reality as well as videos but the one that captures my imagination is around user generated content and the growth of user generated content. There was a time when brands felt very strongly that they need to control the narrative and control the content that is generated about their brand. Highly professional produced videos, professionally written blogs was a very controlled mechanism. The fact that brands are getting more comfortable that maybe the brand is not in their control but it’s actually in the control of their advocates and users and will talk about it in the way they see it fit means that content marketing really has an opportunity leveraged user generated content which is really gonna be one of the trends.”


Jyoti Kumar Bansal, Managing Director, PHD shared her views on the report from a marketer’s point of view by saying: “Content has really become the buzzword with marketers for sometime now and the predictor obviously becomes like a support for us to how things are going. the big challenge that we face as marketers and advertisers is to get enough understanding of how to actually utilise it to really put our brand messages to our consumers while still keeping it interesting, relevant and entertaining for them because otherwise it becomes too much of a plug-in and that’s where reports like this come in helpful because once we know where the consumers are, it’s easier for us to create stories that engage consumers and still gets our brand message across in a subtle and relevant manner to them.”


LinkedIn – The Top Indian Content Marketing Predictions for 2017



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