Spare a Thought for Delhi

07 Nov,2016


This is no way to live. Pollution levels 40 times the permissible levels. More than four times the level at which Beijing declared an emergency.

Agreed our standards are low. Agreed what may be an emergency in China, is ‘chalta hai’ here in humaara India.

But, what the F?

At least as adults we are able to talk about the problems. But imagine the plight of the children, the new-borns, the pregnant women, the seniors.

Look at the air quality levels in Delhi as you read this:

It’s time as advertising, marketing and media professionals, we do something about it. We have used our craft and strategic skills for the benefit of a million products and services.

Now is the time, to spread the message.

The problems that Delhi NCR faces – all/ some/ many/ most – depending on how you view it – are a result of the way we live and work.

Blaming it on poor farmers is not the answer. It’s important to take remedial measures soon, before the next winter.

Before it’s too late.


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