Jaguar reignites pleasures of bathing in latest TVC

02 Nov,2016

By A Correspondent


Jaquar Group, the leading bathing solutions company with presence across 30 countries has launched a new TVC to “reignite the pleasures of bathing”. The TVC aims to reach out to premium audiences with global sensibilities by showcasing a redefined bathing experience with the power of a shower.


The campaign’s objective is to help rediscover a bathing experience through a fresh take on bathing as a daily ritual for experiential stress bursting. It intends to highlight the power of innovative, technologically enhanced Jaquar products creating desirability and aspiration towards more.


Commenting on the campaign, Sandeep Shukla, Head – Marketing Communications, said, “Jaquar Group believes in creating products for patrons who seek to engage with water in exciting new ways that can energise their lives even in personal spaces. Through our new commercial we want consumers to connect with Jaquar Group’s world-class products and rediscover the simple pleasures of experiential bathing.”


Said Ashish Khazanchi, Creative Director of the campaign and Managing Partner, Enormous Brands: “The new age products from Jaquar elevate the mundane experience of bathing to a level never experienced before. We wanted to turn this functional benefit into an emotional benefit. The opportunity was the undifferentiated category clutter and the sameness of executions across brands. We found the fit in the Indian concept of ‘shuddhi’, when one takes a bath one sheds the remains of the day.”


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