DigitasLBi unveils latest campaign for Nivea Men

28 Nov,2016

By A Correspondent


Nivea Men kicked off its new campaign #CoveringUpFails with a humorous take on a spy’s undercover mission, to highlight the importance of solving the problem of body odour instead of just covering it up.


In a category that’s cluttered with tales of the superficial strength of fragrances, Nivea Men continues to challenge norms and differentiate itself as an actual solution provider. The campaign hits on the problem of failing deodorants and the resulting emergence of body odour during the day.


Said Sunil Gadgil, Marketing Director, Nivea India: “The Indian consumers’ attitude towards body odour is ‘Not my problem’. The aim of this campaign is to create relevance of body odour for consumers without triggering their defence mechanism of ‘Not for me’. This film is part of a series of films created by Nivea India to seed the practice of ‘Odour control at the source’ aimed at consumers with the habit of spraying a fragrance on their shirt for masking the odour.”


Added Akshat Bhardwaj, Creative Director, DigitasLBi, India: “We had a powerful proposition in place –ordinary deodorants just cover up body odour and don’t get rid of it. So, we thought that it would be great fun to bring this out by riding on the image of a popular culture icon (Agent Double O Seven), and inserting a body odour situation into one of his undercover missions.”


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