Dentsu One executes thought-provoking film on World Toilet Day

22 Nov,2016



Over 300 million women in India daily undergo psychological trauma of having to defecate in open fields. The film titled ‘Khushboo’ throws light on this disturbing fact by showing a frighteningly painful story based on a real incident that had happened in Jharkhand.


Set in a rural India, on a wet, rainy dawn, the film shows a man putting his daughter to sleep. In the background, we hear the voice of the young daughter tell her father how he used to give her everything that she ever asked for, except for one thing that she had asked for as she grew older.


She had begged and pleaded for it. She even gave up food. But the father refused to fulfill her wish, saying that he was saving money for her marriage.


As the father’s gentle patting turns into repeated thumps, we realise all is not well. The girl’s voice finally says that while her father had put her to sleep always, this one time, she was going to sleep by herself.


As we see the suicide note that she had left behind, we realise that the father had actually lost his mind and was patting his dead daughter all along. The father breaks down finally and starts crying bitterly while still thumping the shoulder of his dead daughter.


As the camera pulls up we see the noose hanging from the fan and a lullaby begins to emerge in the sound of rain. To the haunting melody in the background, we learn that the girl Khushboo committed suicide because her father did not build a toilet in the house. We also learn how over 300 million women in India are going through similar trauma every single morning of their lives.


The film directs the audience to visit the website and sign a petition that will influence the government to create a new law: If you have a house, you must have a toilet.


Speaking about the film and the project, Titus Upputuru, the writer and director behind the film, said, “That a girl gave up her life because she did not have an access to a toilet was unbelievable. We went online and found many other cases where women give up their lives. That’s when we began this petition through Project Hers. While I know there is a lot of education that the government is doing about how everyone should use a toilet, the fact is about 60% of India’s population does not have an access to toilet facilities. This film and Project Hers attempts to address this issue.”


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