Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: I’ve quit to take a sabbatical. But people think I’ve been sacked…

17 Nov,2016

By Jaisurya Das


Cognitive function and fundamental understanding is obviously lacking in a majority of our voices. Appalling to say the least!  Ladies and Gentleman, thank you for coming back to this edition of Dear MxM. #demonetisation has taken its toll on unaccounted wealth, sleep rhythm and much more. What surprises me however is the sheer lack of depth in looking at the macro picture.

One positive comment and you are branded pro-establishment and a #modi bhakt… So be it. The fact of the matter is that no other PM has ever created such ripples across the globe and yet back home, it’s all considered propaganda. Ironical isn’t it?

We love using the megaphone when we complain or demand equality in financial distribution and yet on the ground we have no hesitation in condemning this move. A dichotomy that I can’t reason with.

Sometimes comment is futile. It’s best to sit on the fence and watch while the people who matter get their claws sharpened for the next kill. For me this is epic and I am in awe of such carefully orchestrated strikes.

Many more to go or so I gather. Amen to that.


I guess it’s about  “Pudhe Ja” (move ahead!). The  current anthem of Maharashtra must be respected and hence the cut to our Q&A for the week. And this time I take immense pleasure in welcoming our new readers from Cuttack, Kozhikode and Aurangabad…


Hello, My friend works with a startup in the media space which one hears is going through some tough financial times. While my friend wants to continue with the organisation because he loves the work environment and he says he is really learning a lot, I have been advising that he should move on. But he says it would be incorrect to do so. What would be your advice?

Thanks for writing in to Dear MxM, my friend!

In my opinion, the target picture here is your friend’s passion and dedication to the startup more than anything else. If he sincerely has the passion and the will to make his dreams come true, he ought to stick on.

But if his being there is a half-baked effort to make a pitch for that distant pot of gold and the rest is the fine art of dramatisation, my advice would be to leave and at the earliest.

All startups have hiccups save the blessed few and financial issues are the most common of them all. It’s important to gauge conviction more than anything else. The future is unknown for mankind and nothing will change that.

Soothsayers will come and go but there can’t be another Nostradamus. Let him introspect and listen to his heart truthfully. The rest is immaterial.


I recently quit my organisation as a senior executive, and have chosen to take a sabbatical as I want to travel and see the countryside. It’s something that I have been planning and had even told my boss. However, after quitting, all my friends and even my workmates think I have been sacked. How do I correct this incorrect impression?

Why bother correcting it? Does public image bother you to this extent?

You are on a sabbatical for your good. Stop worrying about what people think of you or the break you’re taking!

Sabbaticals are great learning and allow you to think beyond the apparent. Allowing the mind and body to reboot and refresh is critical and there is no better time than a break.

Just sit back, soak in life and forget about everything else. It’s important to be selfish when it’s required. A sabbatical is one such time.

Have a wonderfully relaxed phase and come back with renewed energy that can take on the best!


I have done my engineering from an NIT and have got into an MBA after that. I am interested in marketing, but am at the crossroads on whether I should get into advertising or marketing. A visiting faculty said if I get into an agency, I will get hands-on experience of working with multiple marketers. What is your view, Sir?

Well, it all depends on where you want to go. This is much like the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland. It’s obviously important to know where you are headed before you decide on a path.

Personally, I would think the broader marketing would be a good start before you zone in on one facet of it. Advertising per se may limit the potential use of your engineering background. If you so believe that you can present an interesting blend of engineering and management to the workplace, then marketing would be the best option..

While advertising is very much a facet of the marketing mix, it may not be holistic enough to use all your academics at entry level.

Get into a broader marketing role and then the niches will open as you go along.

All the very best to you in your pursuit of excellence!


I rely a great deal on my reimbursements, but all of them have been delayed because of the demonetisation. My office has said it will be delayed by a month, because it has also not been receiving money from circulation. Do you think the company is being unfair or is there really a crunch due to the demonetisation? For instance, why can’t they just give Sodexho vouchers. or recharge our PayTM accounts?

I understand your concern but I think it’s important at this stage to give your organisation the benefit of doubt. There is a severe cash crunch as most unaccounted wealth has gone out of the system.

Hence various firms have been at the receiving end of delayed payments and cancellations of orders as most of these transactions happened in cash.

While I completely agree with you on the use of e-wallets to be able to tide over these issues as far as employee payments are concerned, it must also be understood that e-wallet transactions also follow guidelines and may not always allow payments above a certain limit.

Over and above all this, basic corporate cash flows and reserves have been hit (in companies where cash plays an important medium of transaction) and hence e-wallets may not be supported with strong enough bank accounts.

My personal advice would be to seek what you need urgently and allow the system to permit the rest. Quid pro quo as they say!


And QED it is for this week’s edition of Dear MxM, your one and only online counsellor that understand the vagaries of the business of advertising, media and marketing.


Have a wonderful weekend readers. Do take good care of yourself and let those questions come in with renewed vigour. All it takes is a mail on! But for now, Sayonara and God Bless !


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