Adfest 2017 unveils Dentsu-designed identity

15 Nov,2016

By A Correspondent


The 2017 edition of Adfest, one of the first international advertising festivals, has unveiled its identity. The twentieth anniversary edition of Adfest will be held in Pattaya in Thailand from March 22 to 25, 2017.


The icon has been created by Dentsu, Tokyo. Inspired by the roots of a tree or plant, the identity tells the story of Adfest’s evolution over two decades and brings to life next year’s theme, ‘20 Years of Diversity’.


“In 1998, a seedling named Adfest was planted in one of the most diverse continents in the world. Its purpose was to nurture and celebrate creative talent across Asia,” explains Yoshihiro Yagi, Group Creative Director at Dentsu Inc. in Tokyo. According to Yagi, the idea of comparing Adfest’s origins to the roots of a tree came from interviewing farmers in Japan. “I spoke to some very interesting farmers who grow apples that do not seem to go rotten, even for as long as a year. It became apparent to me that to grow a good apple – while it is important for the leaves, branches, and trunk of the apple tree to be strong – the roots actually have an extremely important function. Similarly, when we talk about the growth of people and businesses, we tend to look at their appearance. But I learned how elements that can’t be seen from the outside are absolutely vital for growth. I thought about this in connection with ADFEST, and kept this idea in mind over the course of the project.”


Adfest 2017 is scheduled to hold two separate programmes: Craft@Adfest, which runs on March 22 and 23 and Creative@Adfest will run on March 24 and 25.


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