The Quint wins big at WAN-IFRA awards

14 Oct,2016

By A Correspondent


The Quint recently won four medals at the South Asian Digital Awards 2016 presented by World Association of Newspaper and Publishers (WAN-IFRA) in Kolkata. WAN-IFRA’s Digital Media Awards are the most prestigious recognition of best practice innovation in digital publishing worldwide. It recognizes publishers who have adopted digital media and mobile strategies as part of their total product offering to meet the major changes in how people consume news and information today. The awards are presented in every region – South Asia, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Latin America. The winners from each region subsequently compete for the World Digital Media Awards.


The South Asia WAN INFRA award recognized The Quint’s expertise across four categories including the Best Use of Online Video, Best Reader Engagement, Best Digital Advertising Campaign and Best New Mobile Service. It won gold in the first three categories mentioned and a bronze in the fourth one.


The Quint utilizes Quintype’s advanced pubtech platform which has a modern Content Management System, with integrated features for audience development, management & engagement, monetization and business relevant analytics. Quintype’s pubtech platform offers a one-stop-shop solution including editorial planning, support for cardified content, engaging story templates, rich media support, context aware chat & notifications, omni-channel publishing and content personalization for the clients, eliminating the need for an in-house technology support.


“As publishing platform technologies evolve, publishers feel the need of a fast, flexible & nimble platform that can leverage bleeding edge technology. Quintype’s SaaS platform, enables this – making the technology adoption virtually risk free. Our value proposition has been tested in the market over the last 18 months. We have seen a cumulative growth of 24%+ month on month, which clearly demonstrates the strength of our value proposition” said Sriram Krishnaswamy, Director of Product, Quintype Inc.


The Quint has imbibed the best of content and tech to promote high value digital journalism and compelling storytelling to the readers. The Quint’s content is a smooth blend of video, audio, intuitive graphics and text – an offers a modern and sharp take on the world, guiding its readers through a wide range of topics. By leveraging Quintype, the Quint is able to quickly leverage new technologies like Facebook’s Instant Articles, Google’s AMP, Progressive Web Apps, Metered Paywalls, Browser push notifications, Real time commenting features, Real time Polls etc.


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