Siddhartha Mukherjee: Media Relations ≠ Public Relations, is a subset!

13 Oct,2016

By Siddhartha Mukherjee


The latest report on India’s Public Relations industry did not leave me with any reaction. Except the feel-good growth rate that it claimed, rest stood out like echoes from the past…yawn!


However, what caught my attention and amused me was the chart that claimed that “Public” Relations was the largest grosser of revenues for the Indian “Public” Relations Industry. Second, this was amongst other services, some overlapping, like Digital, Public Affairs, Financial Communication, Crisis Management, Content Creations, CSR etc.


To me, this kind of sums up our fixation with and our diehard habit of equating Public Relations with Media Relations anytime and every time. No wonder, this still remains to be the core bread earning source of our Indian PR Industry. Even if it be PR for PR’s sake, while the PR industry captains keep quoting their intentions to touch the moon and the star, we still seem to be sleep walking on the path of Media Relations…and only that.


Public Relations is a huge ocean of different streams of strategic and tactical specialisations with required skill sets. Media Relations is one part thereof. I hope this incident was a typo error and not a term that was used consciously.


If it was a typo, let us give the design team of that report a pat on their backs for an overall good job done and move on! However, if we consciously claim to equate Media Relations with Public Relations, am sure such charts and numbers will keep cropping up in future reports as well.


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