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12 Oct,2016


Next year, 2017, to be precise, the Zee Network completes 25 years of existence.


On October 2, 1992, Zee TV was launched with mixed fanfare. Will a name like Zee work, many asked. Just how can someone not from the business of entertainment get into television. Yes, Star TV was around, but can Zee do a similar act?


Despite many sceptics, Zee TV under Subhash Chandra and a team of energetic professionals took off in style. And since then hasn’t looked back. And although there have been some blips in the 25 years, it’s been a journey of highs and highs. Even fierce competitors acknowledge that Zee is by far the most successful Indian television media conglomerates.


In this quarter of a century, Zee TV has touched the lives of many across the country, and the world.


MxMIndia announces a book to chronicle the Zee journey.


So do you have a Zee story that you would like to share with us and the world? Have you worked with Zee for a period of one year or above? Have you been a vendor or done a show for Zee? Have you done business with Zee? Or have you got the wrong end of the stick? Have you been a journalist who has reported on Zee or a creative/media agency having done business with the channel? Send us your account… your experience with your name and photograph and a day-time telephone number and we will publish it (subject to our editorial discretion and it may be trimmed for brevity and style).


The volume will be printed in August-September 2017, and the deadline for submissions is January 31, 2017.


Write to us at

Please note that this volume is being published by MxMIndia independently (and not commissioned by anyone). However, we are happy to carry sponsorship and receive bulk bookings for copies.


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