Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: Is there scope in medical news journalism in India?

27 Oct,2016

By Jaisurya Das


Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome back to our Diwali edition of Dear MxM, India’s only counsellor for the advertising, media and marketing fraternity.

Talk less and celebrate more is the motto and hence I shall desist from discussing the corporate world and the tatas and bye-byes of the world.

There is really no mystery. It’s the festival of lights, simple.

So on that note, we shall herald change and switch to our reader Q&A .

Thank you, my readers from Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Mumbai for writing in…


Sir, my father was mentioning to me that in his time he would receive hefty bonuses at Diwali. But why is it that our media companies don’t pay bonuses and incentives at Diwali time?

This is really true. Several media companies hand out festival bonuses during this time. While the amounts may not be significant, the practice is certainly followed by some of the print media conglomerates.

In fact organisations like The Hindu were known to be very generous with their festival bonuses in the past. I am not too sure however if the

television and online world follow this nowadays. Smaller firms with less employees also pay out a token for Diwali quite often.

Gifts ranging from weekend holidays to consumer durables have also been handed out by some companies I hear. Media companies aren’t as bad as they seem 🙂


I am a doctor and just chanced upon your column. I find it very informative. I am interested in writing. Is there scope in medical news journalism in India?

Thank you for your kind words, Doctor.  To be honest this isn’t a subject that’s really been explored much by our media entities. Whatever little is carried happens either through syndicated content arrangements and freelance writers from the medical profession.

However, there are several niche magazines for the trade etc which do offer potential for medical journalism but not so much news content.

I am not sure if this can be a career option at this stage in view of the limited space/time medical content is given in print and other media. The online media is more likely to be able to consume more such content in the future given its dynamism to deal with a plethora of subjects.

Go ahead and write and am sure there would be mediums that will give your content enough exposure provided its relevant and clearly of mass interest.


I am doing my commercial art from a leading institute. The focus here is not much on digital art, though it’s not totally absent. I also feel that most of the good work in digital commercial art is being done in Mumbai. Is this true? Please advise what I should do.

To be honest,  this is true to a great extent. I haven’t seen great work in digital happening in smaller cities. Mumbai  and Bengaluru have a host of digital agencies and creative shops doing some outstanding work.

Yes. one does get to see a few great campaigns from other cities but they rarely get going beyond the campaign stage. I think it’s all about the talent that gets collated at these cities.

Most people want to work in the Mecca of advertising and hence the best of the lot end up at the same city. Obviously this in itself translates to better work emanating from there.

Why not pave the way for super work out of a relatively smaller place by setting up your own company in Pune or elsewhere? This will then give you enough room to experiment and also create a solid portfolio!

All the very best to you my friend for your future endeavours.


Sir, Happy Diwali to you and the MxMIndia family. I like to read your advice and wisdom. What are your thoughts for Diwali… how can we light up our lives?

Thank you so much my friend. This is the first time in all these years that I have received a question with a Diwali wish for us! Most touched.

Let me at first take this opportunity to wish you and the family a stupendous Diwali and all prosperity the year ahead.

Frankly my thoughts are currently limited to taking a nice short break, eating my heart out and having a smashing time!

But to sound politically correct and answer your formidable question, here are my thoughts :

1. India needs more Narendra Modis ! I sincerely hope this PM gets another term. I am no BJP or RSS fan. In fact am not a fan of any political party, but this man means business and this is evident in the changes he is heralding. This country will go places.

2. The Economy will look up over the next 24 months and all indications point to this direction no matter what the critics say. The business climate is set to improve and there is much hope for smaller entrepreneurs.

3. E-Commerce will see a significant shake-out over the next 18 months and I wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon gobbles Flipkart and Snapdeal in the process

4. Consumer neuroscience will gain significant ground and will become an imperative for the marketers of the country.

5. Lifestyle diseases and Depression will rage like the Bubonic plague unless there is a concerted effort to build awareness and cap these epidemic like illnesses….

And for media and advertising, I don’t see anything earth-shattering save some regional wars and decreased retail advertising.


On that note, it’s time to say Sayonara and Goodbye for this week. Have a splendid Diwali with much good food and cheer! Do take good care of yourselves and be good. God Bless you all!


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