Cadbury Celebrations unveils campaign for Diwali 2016

17 Oct,2016

By A Correspondent


Contract Advertising has created a new film for Cadbury Celebrations with the aim to bring to life the joy of togetherness, a feeling that gets heightened during festivities.


Cadbury Celebrations, the chocolate gifting brand in the Mondelez portfolio, operates across the premium and mass premium segments with the Rich Dry Fruit Collection (RDFC), being the growth driver catering to the premium end. This new Diwali campaign stems from the thought of Cadbury Celebrations enabling to ‘Bring the celebration with you.’


Said Kapil Mishra, executive vice-president and executive creative director, Contract Advertising: “This advertisement was driven by the idea that festivals have become very monotonous and a mere ritual. While parents wait for this occasion for the entire family to be together, younger generation is too occupied in their life and routine. By this campaign we aim to reinvigorate the festive feeling among the youth, emphasizing on emotions of togetherness, fun and family bonding.”


The film opens on the son and his family coming back to their ancestral home getting decked for the Diwali festivities. The Diwali party swells, with another son trooping in with his family and what ensues are charming little stories of what the four walls of the house have been witness to. As the stories keep coming out and the togetherness grows on each other.


At such a juncture, the elder son asks his father as to if he is serious about selling the house where they all grew up. It is at this point that the father breaks into a half complaining, half naughty mood to tell that now that everybody is home, he is not going to sell it. The children get the fact that he was playing a prank and the family rejoices in celebrating their togetherness this Diwali.


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