Whisper releases video to empower girls

08 Sep,2016

By A Correspondent


In the wake of India’s success at the 2016 Olympics, the phrase ‘Like A Girl’ is going through a positive transition and has ensured heartening conversations such as – “They fought #LikeAGirl” or “They played #LikeAGirl”, but we still seem to have a long way to go before each and every girl can do things “Like A Girl” and be proud of it.


A survey, conducted recently by Nielsen in association with Whisper, revealed that one in two girls in India agree that the phrase ‘Like A Girl’ is still used as an insult. “You run like a girl”, “you throw like a girl”, “you fight like a girl”, “you play like a girl” are common insults heard or said that can have a significant effect on girls’ self-confidence, especially during puberty.


According to the study, girls in India were found to be facing a considerable drop in self confidence, especially after having reached puberty, due to the various societal norms and restrictions that they are expected to conform to. At such a stage, phrases such as ‘Like A Girl’ being used in a mean and hurtful manner add to the feeling of being pressurized.


The ‘Like A Girl’ movement was launched by Always, the global brand name for Whisper, outside India, in the USA and select global markets in 2014. It has been supported by organisations such as UN Women, as well as celebrities such as Masie Williams from the Game of Thrones and accomplished athletes like British cyclist Laura Trott (winner of two gold medals in Rio 2016) as well as popular USA Soccer star Alex Morgan among others.


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