We are five. Thank you for the faith!

09 Sep,2016


Yes. Yessssss! Yesssssssssssss!

We’ve done it. We’ve survived. We’ve thrived.

Five years back, on the auspicious day of Onam, September 9, 2011 to be precise, at some time around 4pm, MxMIndia was born.

It’s been a good five years since then. We had resolved to be different from the rest. We were B2B, but we weren’t going to be like many other B2B publications. No quid pro quos against advertising. No compromising on credibility.

Yes, it’s not been tough doing all of this. We don’t do events every other week. We’re just good old content. Unadulterated. Fresh. Honest. And we don’t mind calling a spade a spade.

In the last five years, the media has seen some significant developments. Digital was growing then, it’s small even now, but it’s decidedly a force to reckon with. Content was thriving then, as it is now, but the question marks have grown. Social media has become a force to reckon with, Twitter has become a must-have for influentials.

Phase 3 of radio has finally happened, news channels are proliferating and newspapers aren’t dying. Magazines have survived, and new ones keep getting launched.

How are we different from the others. That was a question we were asked then, but that’s a question we aren’t asked any longer.

We are different. We are credible. We are editorially-driven. Our god isn’t our advertiser, but it’s you, dear reader.

We write about people and entities who don’t advertise with us. And we don’t necessarily write about people and entities who advertise with us.

But we’ve paid a price for all this. We have lost many advertisers because of our independent stance. We’ve not been ignored by some because they didn’t want us to write on stuff we did.

We don’t approach advertisers and revenues where we feel that there could be a compromise. Or where there is a belief that they are doing us a favour.

What we can assure you, dear reader, is that in all of the mad rush for monies that exists in the world, we haven’t compromised on our value system. Earlier this week, we were asked by a leading media company whether we would send out a few tweets on their brand and retweet some. Just fifty or hundred them in a year. The bucks would’ve been good, we’re sure. But that wouldn’t be right on our readers.

We’re happy to do microsites and carry sponsored content, but only if the advertiser is out in the open.  It’s not that we don’t accept requests for plugs, we do. But we won’t carry stuff that doesn’t fit MxM.

And this is something all our constituents needn’t ever worry about it:  our journalism is what journalism ought to be. The content that appears on MxMIndia appears solely on the discretion of the editorial team.




Five years is a huge milestone. We’ll not talk about our plans for the future here, because in the past some of what we announced, didn’t happen.

What you will surely see in the days, weeks, months, years to come is an uncompromised value system.

Our special thanks to all those who have been with us through these five years – our writers, the industry, the many people who have patronised us, our advertisers, our syndication clients and of course all the people who have constituted the MxMIndia team – present and past.

Thank you for being around, and keeping the faith in MxM.



Pradyuman Maheshwari


PS: The hunt for funds in order to grow bigger is still on. If you would like to invest or know someone who will, please contact me at pradyumanm@mxmindia.com… I will write back or call.


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