#ThankYouTohBol campaign creates high buzz on social

09 Sep,2016

By A Correspondent


The film has been conceptualised by Rediffuion Y&R, Chennai for TAFE (Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited) and presented by the TAFE’s Corporate Communications’ team. The campaign urges all to recognise the contribution of farmers so as to bring the invisible farming community back into our collective psyche.


The #ThankYouTohBol campaign comes in the second phase of the #FarmDost initiative that kicked off in April of 2015 with now over 800,000 followers – or  #FarmDosts. The first phase of the campaign urged people to cultivate a one sqft farm. There was an extensive outreach in schools and other educational institutions to get students excited about the initiative. The overall agenda was to seek to inspire participants to feel the warmth of the soil between their fingers, to feel the joy of nurturing a seed until it springs to life and, in the process, empathise with the farmer.


This second phase, #ThankYouTohBol is an initiative to encourage people to recognise and respect the contribution of farmers. It is an appeal to the society to express our gratitude to our farmers by taking a pledge to make the effort to go and meet and spend time with a farmer.


The campaign is supported through a digital advertising, as well as via a radio campaign. In addition to the video, a nationwide on ground activation are being planned to support this phase of the initiative.


Said Sunitha Subramaniyan, who heads the Corporate Communications Department at TAFE: “Over the last five decades TAFE has been working closely with the farming community and has a deep insight into how hard farmers toil to nurture their crops and nourish us – for no other reward, but the love of the land. It was only natural for TAFE to champion the cause of the farmer – a cause we truly believe in.”


Added Ananda Ray Creative head- Rediffusion Y&R, Chennai: “It is rare to come across a client who invests in a cause that is not designed just to tick the CSR boxes or with an eye on the bottom line. TAFE has been dedicated towards improving the lives – and standing – of farmers within our society from their inception and the #FarmDost movement is but a natural extension of this vision. This is a cause that is easy to believe in and to work towards making happen – whether from an agency perspective or as a lay person. If even one viewer is moved to action after watching Maya’s story, it will mean a lot to both TAFE and us – and, most crucially, to the farmer.


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