Selfie with RK | Jaskaran Singh Kapany, Paytm

02 Sep,2016

By Rahul Kishore


It is extremely difficult to get Jaskaran Singh Kapany for a meeting. He works extremely hard and his time is blocked days in advance. However, this time he was offered an interesting session of rapid fire questions and he gave in easily. He’s both funny and serious at the same time and his mind is always ticking. I began by asking him

What’s your biggest strength?

Self-Belief. If you believe in yourself, nothing can come in the way of you getting what you want. Sounds simplistic. But it works.

What’s your biggest weakness then?

Impatience. I wish could be a better listener. I tend to expect people to get to the point sooner.

Favourite CEO?

Steve Jobs. Legendary product passion. Stellar foresight. Brutal execution. All these are killer qualities in a leader.

Hardwork or luck?

Hardwork. Always. Luck is boring and doesn’t work. Plus, I have never been lucky!

How would you like to live your life all over again?

I wouldn’t. I am happy as I am and that’s an honest answer

If a movie were to be made about your life who would you like  to play you?

Al Pacino for sure! He keeps it real, understated but delivers an emphatic punch when it matters and would play me well

On a scale of 1-10 how weird are you?

3.63 he answers dead pan

Four words that describe you?

Die-hard Optimist. Driven.  Fair. Funny.

What are your superpowers?

I can multi-task a serious quantity of work, with precision. Be it at work or home. Or both!

How often do you destress?

I learnt this very early in life –  life goes on, come what may.  So stress shouldn’t be given too much importance. It just adds an unwanted unproductive dimension to ones life. I find switching off easy. Spending time with Ira, our young daughter, is the best way for me to unwind.

Dream job?

Anything that would pay me for travelling the world 10 months out of 12. On second thoughts, I’d do it for free.

If Bill Gates gave you 10 million US dollars to change something what would it be?

Try and improve the apathy we show towards fellow beings.  I mean, just today there was a story about a father having to carry his 12-year-old son on his shoulders to three different hospitals in broad daylight and not making it. How this can happen in this day and age flummoxes me.

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Rahul Kishore

Rahul Kishore is an entrepreneur-turned-media professional-turned-media entrepreneur. And he’s pretty professional. If he’s not posting messages on Facebook, he’s messaging posts on Facebook. He plays badminton in the morning, gyms and swims and loves sinful shakes twice a day. Once married, always shy, is a father of two and a husband of one. Lives in Delhi. Is Managing Director, Taurus Infomedia


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