Saffolalife’s new campaign inspires consumers to take small steps towards a healthier heart

28 Sep,2016

By A Correspondent


Saffolalife has launched a new World Heart Day campaign coining “Chhote Kadam – dilke bade kaamke” as a creative idea to drive home the point of the need to have a healthier heart.


Various consumer studies have revealed that most people see achieving heart health as a daunting task and find it difficult to make big changes in their current lifestyle. This is the reason that despite being aware, there is inertia towards taking proactive steps regarding heart health. Taking cognisance of this barrier, Saffola realised that it needed to change the language around heart health to showcase how it can be made enjoyable, everyday yet effective.


Saffolalife kickstarted the campaign with a TVC that hums the tune – “Chhote Chhote kadam, ta ra rum pumpum, roz-roz uthaya karo”.  It showcases people in all walks of life taking tiny steps towards a healthier lifestyle – regular walks, playing a sport, indulging in dance or yoga, being happy and having fun, eating mindfully by avoiding junk food or consuming in small portions, etc.


Additionally, Saffolalife has launched the Healthy Lifestyle Index on, which tool that correlates lifestyle score to heart health. The Saffolalife Healthy Lifestyle Index has been developed in conjunction with eminent cardiologists, dieticians and doctors with the mission to educate people on early heart health measures.


Said Anuradha Aggarwal, Chief Marketing Officer, Marico Limited: “Saffolalife has always stayed committed to spreading awareness and making people realise the importance of heart health. This year’s campaign evolves that paradigm and talks about proactive heart health. It is a progression that the consumer is seeking – an evolution from fear of illness to proactive health. The new communication aims to inspire people to take small steps like staying active, eating mindfully and being happy which will go a long way towards leading a healthier life.”


Added Partha Sinha, Vice Chairman & MD, MccannWorldGroup: “The health narrative in this country was getting rather daunting and discouraging. We figured out that if health is not a part of everyday living, it becomes unattainable. At Saffolalife, we want to encourage people to embrace health in everyday life and open their minds to the possibility of benefiting from small, enjoyable steps to health.”


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