RIP, M C Nair. A tribute by Paulomi Dhawan

21 Sep,2016

By Paulomi Dhawan


I owe a lot to M C Nair, my first boss. I joined Everest Advertising as an intern way back in 1978. Those were the days where media planning was in its infancy, NRS (National Readership Survey) was out , TV was born later. He introduced me to the media world, always encouraging me. I was a young girl, just out of B-school, making pitches and presentations, showcasing media to clients, interacting with media owners with MCN (as he was known in the then buzzing agency) and was always there to guide, support me though he was a busy Board Member.


MC Nair joined Everest and grew up the ladder… can you believe this was his only job. He was with Everest for 50 years!


A true Everesteer… steering the agency to its pinnacle, witnessing the national growth, the subsidiary Edge, the international tie-up with Saatchi & Saatchi … still servicing clients and building brands  like Dinesh Fabrics, Alembic’s Glycodin, Tips & Toes, Tortoise Mosquito Coil, Parle Biscuits, Hawkins Pressure Cookers, Elecon Engg, Jyoti Labs. He handled all aspects of the business.


M C Nair

A towering personality, MCN was a warm, good human being with an infectious laughter who was highly respected by media owners and peer agency heads alike. Even back then he was on many industry bodies. He was like a doting father or uncle… I remember when I was pregnant he would always check if I had eaten even when we were working on a major presentation. Many of us at Everest like PRP Nair have many fond memories and owe our career growth to him! I, for one, grew rapidly at Everest as National Media Director in few years. A friend mentioned that his most enduring virtue was his kindness. Indeed.

”Those were the days my friend I thought they’d never end…”

MCN retired and was with his family in Kerala mostly. My regret that I could not meet him recently to thank him. Thank you, Mr M C Nair!!


At 86, he leaves behind his daughter Jyoti and her family, and a very large family of indebted ex-Everesteers. RIP.




Paulomi Dhawan, an advertising and marketing services veteran, is a Strategic Advisor – Media and an active member of the Indian Society of Advertisers Executive Council.


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