Our job is to challenge the status quo: Prasanth Kumar (+Video)

06 Sep,2016

It was a big haul for Mindshare at the Emvies 2016. MxMIndia caught up with Prasanth Kumar, Mindshare, CEO South Asia for a quick chat right after the event.


395 points, Dho dala! Quite a clean sweep!

Maine team ko 300 hi bola (I had told the team about 300). My team is wonderful. The success of Mindshare is only because of the army of talent on which it is built on. I am so happy and delighted that the dream of the ability to get fantastic outcomes. It is a fantastic moment for me and the company as well as the brands we worked for.


What is the secret behind winning year after year?

One is you are habituated to doing something different… you get habituated to doing something that is working for your brands. There is a sense of responsibility that comes from leadership and being a leader in the market. Our job is to challenge the status quo and get the work done for the brands. The end result is that we are winning awards.


The body of work that you have done and won awards for can put a creative agency to shame

The statement is wrong and it does not put any shame on any creative agency. Ideas, we believe, can come from anywhere. We are so lucky that we have talent who are able to bring in more and better results. We are not competing with any ecosystem; we are competing with the results we produce, we want success of all the brands we work for. If you have all the brands that you work for succeed, that is the ultimate success.


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