Morning Fresh unveils campaign to promote ‘The Bro’ster’

01 Sep,2016

By A Correspondent


Morning Fresh, a restorative hangover cure and a natural drink to detoxify alcohol was conceptualised mid 2015. Morning Fresh has now extended its creative wingspan and introduced ‘The Bro’ster’ in collaboration with Web Chutney.


The Bro’ster is the first ever talking coaster to keep you company through the evening; much like that one sober friend who’s got your back and beyond on a night out. Witty, charming, and occasionally mean, he says what he means about your drinking curve, which is displayed on an LCD screen on the coaster. At the end of the session, he delivers a unique MF code that a user can tweet to receive and discover their drinking personality based on his/her drinking style along with a complimentary bottle of Morning Fresh to help them wake up bright and chirpy.


Commenting on the campaign, Mitali Tandon, Cofounder, Morning Fresh said: “At Morning Fresh we are always trying to push the envelope to create an innovative and fresh experience for our customers. As a young brand, it is important for us to find ways to engage with our audience in a meaningful and relevant way. The Bro’ster was a great way to do this and merge modern technology with cultural insights. We’re starting with a few pubs and bars in Bengaluru, and hope to scale it to serve more patrons. Above all, it is exciting to see the role real–time data can play in the F&B industry.”


Adding more to the concept, the WebChutney Team said: ” Several attempts have been made to make coasters a more interesting product- from experimenting with shapes, sizes and design to content. But we believe The Bro’ster stands out purely because of its utility and potential to optimize your entire evening. As the data that the Bro’ster takes in isn’t only used for throwing out contextual messages that spark a smile, but is linked to real time customized rewards- right from ordering food for the ones who are going too slow, to ordering a cab for the ones who’ve gone overboard. Morning Fresh was a great brand to partner with to devise this experience. As an urban, ambitious brand, its promise of providing a hangover-free, responsible drinking experience perfectly matched the purpose that an interactive coaster could serve.”


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