Indrani Sen: Geo-targeted TV Advertising

12 Sep,2016

By Indrani Sen


Brand Equity carried an article on September 7, 2016 about Amagi’s launch of Amagi Mix, India’s first online media planning and buying commerce platform. It is targeted specifically for the growing SME sector in India, who can plan and buy TV campaigns at an affordable cost. Amagi Mix allows the SMEs to develop their own media plans based on their market priorities and execute the media buy within the limitations of their budget. In addition, Amagi will offer creative solutions to the SMEs for developing their TV commercials.


Amagi, a media technology company, was launched with a futuristic vision in 2008 in Bengaluru with an aim to deliver disruptive technology-driven solutions for TV advertising on a hyperlocal basis. The business model of Amagi is three-tiered; it buys commercial time on TV channels and sells the ad spots to advertisers on regional/ hyperlocal basis by using its technology and Ad Syndicate Network. Finally it shares profits with MSOs and DTH operators. Amagi has a partnership at one end with the TV channels and at the other with MSOs and DTH operators. Its website ( portrays its technology-driven solution as “Amagi’s solution can be customised to support the duration and frequency of all ad-replacement needs. Amagi’s solution is based on a patented content trigger (The Amagi Watermark) and STORM, an enhanced satellite receiver that descrambles and decodes the channel in addition to inserting local ad seconds”. Amagi’s unique service has been used not only by local and regional advertisers, but many national advertisers also have used it to leverage TV for geo-targeted advertising in addition to their national TV campaigns.


It will be interesting to watch how the Indian SMEs take advantage of this new online platform which enables them to buy a traditional media like TV online with targeted foot print. Amagi is expecting 20 per cent of advertising by SMEs to be routed through Amagi Mix within the next three years. Apart from The Media Ant (TMA), another media agency from Bangaluru, no other media agency has explored or targeted the SME market seriously. Founded in 2012, The Media Ant claims to be a ( “market place for media” with “information for more than 200,000 advertising touchpoints across various offline and online media verticals.” TMA offers to their clients “Marketing Assistant Online” for planning and buying across traditional media. While TMA does not have any geo-targeting technology for TV, which is a high impact expensive medium, it will continue to cater to a large section of SMEs who would prefer to use Print, Radio and OOH for their campaigns which have always fulfilled their need for geo-targeted advertising.


Earlier this year, Rediff’s Vubites and Star India’s Adsharp were launched as geo-targeted TV advertising tools. Zee TV is one of the channel partners of Amagi and the partnership has expanded over the years with addition of channels from its stable. So, geo-targeted TV advertising has arrived as the new strategy for TV planning and buying in India. The country is now divided into 17 regions for which advertisers can buy TV inventory on premium channels. These regions are also supported by the BARC findings, which makes it easier for the advertisers and media agencies to plan their geo-targeted spends on TV against its effective reach. Amagi would continue to enjoy the first mover’s advantage in the geo-targeted advertising arena backed by their wide network of partnerships with various TV channels.


Indrani Sen is a media services veteran, having worked with JWT, later Mindshare and then with Emami. In recent years, she is an independent consultant and academic. She is Adjunct Professor in charge of the Media Management programme at the Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, Pune. The views expressed here are her own.


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