Dadi endorses benefits of contraceptives in latest campaign by Grey India

30 Sep,2016

By A Correspondent


On the occasion of World Contraception Day, Grey Group India launched a new social media campaign for that focusses on various myths and conceptions surrounding contraception amongst the youth. The campaign invokes young minds to feel comfortable in seeking contraceptives in order to have power, freedom and choice over their life.


In India, dadis (grandmothers) are traditionally known to talk about home-made recipes and deliver sermons on soft topics like morals and values. To leverage the endearing nature of the typical dadi, the campaign conceptualised and executed by GREY group India gets on board a bold dadi who takes on the subject of contraception and clears some common misconceptions surrounding it. She is seen as the coolest dadi who busts myths like a boss in a fun, illuminating, bold and engaging fashion. Further, she gives insights on the right contraceptive use and how one can have kids by choice and not by chance! The idea was to get iDadi, a bold grandmother who talks about contraception without any inhibitions.


Said Leroy Alvares, President – Digital Services, Grey Group India said: ”With the volume of information being consumed online. wanted to leverage this trend on world contraception day to dispel myths around contraception. The campaign approach is all about making us myth busters rather than myth mongers. iDadi a character we created looks at common myths and facts in a humorous manner”


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