BBH showcases how Channel V is shallowest place on TV

14 Sep,2016

By A Correspondent


BBH has released its latest campaign for Channel V India. The campaign supersedes Channel V’s latest rebranding initiative to become a 24-hour all-music channel, with curated content. Delivering an unparalleled visual experience is Channel V’s sole focus point. Hence the programming has been designed to ensure only good-looking music videos with minimal graphics makes it to the viewer’s screens.


To highlight the channel’s proposition, BBH India came up with the risqué positioning: “Channel V. The Shallowest Place on TV”.


Speaking about the campaign, Russell Barrett, Managing Partner and Chief Creative Officer at BBH India, said “Channel V said they were going back to their fairly irreverent roots. They were going back to being a music channel, but a music channel with a point of view. They would only play great looking videos. Have a great song but a shitty video? So sorry try the next channel please. We all thought that was such a refreshing thing to say. The creative team, Sapna and Yohan pushed that promise a little laterally and came up with ‘The shallowest place on TV’. That is such a rich, extendable thought and now we only had one more thing to do; have a blast cracking ideas. We wanted people to say damn, did they just say that? There aren’t many brands in the world that can do that, but Channel V can.”


Added Arvind Krishnan, Managing Director, BBH India: “Good music that looks good is a great proposition. Add a touch of irreverence to that and you get the shallowest place on TV. We had great fun collaborating with the folks at Channel V. The work is a reflection of that fun we had.”


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