Kinetic welcomes Ford Mustang in India with outdoor innovation

30 Aug,2016

By A Correspondent


Kinetic India was recently appointed by Ford India ahead of introducing Ford Mustang in India. Ford Mustang is an automotive legend and is one of the most followed nameplates across the globe. Since the Mustang first went on sale in 1964, Ford has sold more than 9 million vehicles around the world.


To capture imagination and create intrigue the audience ahead of the car’s introduction, Kinetic worked on creating an immersive, sensory experience at two of the country’s busiest airports – Delhi and Mumbai.


In the first out of home (OOH) solution, Kinetic laid out the red carpets for customers arriving at the Delhi and Mumbai airports which were equipped with motion sensing technology and connected to a life-sized billboard. To grip an onlooker’s attention, a passerby who stepped on the carpet was welcomed with a gush of air and an evocative growl that the Ford Mustang is identified with. The billboard on the side played interesting visuals of the Ford Mustang and by the time a walker was off the carpet it switched to an enticing line – ‘The legend makes its way’ – with smoke coming off from either sides.


“Ford Mustang stands for freedom of expression and embodies the passion and fun-of-driving inherent in all Ford vehicles. The arrival of Ford Mustang in India needed to stand-out and leave a lasting impression on everyone who experienced our touch-points. We wanted create an experience that personifies all that this iconic car stands for by innovatively demonstrating its fun-of-driving, legendary engine growl and raw power,” said Kaushik Prasad, general manager for consumer marketing at Ford India said.


The second OOH display was strategically placed at the high traffic Delhi-Noida Expressway to attract significant eyeballs. The hoarding featured the side profile of the Ford Mustang, depicting a high-intensity drift to demonstrate power and a furiously rotating rear tyre emitting continuous smoke.


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