What’s Your Problem creates activation-cum-digital film for Wedding Wishlist

12 Jul,2016

By A Correspondent


Wedding Wishlist along with its creative agency WYP Brand Solutions launched its first digital film and content created out of an activation programme-cum-social experiment. It allows prospective couples to share a list of desired wedding gifts with their guests and receive the gifts they truly need.


The concept evolved when Kanika Subbiah, CEO and Founder of Wedding Wishlist was conversing with one of her friends who was irritated with the pile of useless gifts she got at her wedding.“Every day in India, thousands of married couples receive unnecessary gifts at their nuptials. Most of these gifts join the recycle pile that every Indian home has or lie unused at the back of someone’s closet”, said Subbiah. To find a solution to this problem and bridge the gift divide, she launched the web portal Wedding Wishlist in February 2016.


The social experiment that was carried out was a few scanner machines were placed at select weddings. At the entrance of the wedding venue, a security person requested guests to place their gifts in a ‘Wedding gift scanner’. These scanners were x-ray machines, the kind you see at airport security. These were manned by ‘Wedding Gift Inspectors’ who checked the quality of each gift and marked the gifts against the entering guests. When guests understood that their gifts were actually being checked for quality they were shocked. Some resisted the checking, most were surprised but relented, some found it rude. At which point the ‘Wedding Gift Inspectors’ revealed that this was all a joke, that they were actors and that there were hidden cameras capturing it all. They took the opportunity to explain to the guests that ‘Wedding Gift Scanners’ and ‘Gift Inspectors’ weren’t obviously the solution but ‘Wedding Wishlist’, which allowed couples to make a list of gifts that they needed and shared with their friends was great way out. This way guests could give couples gifts they actually needed and cherished. These reactions were captured on hidden cameras.A two and a half-minute film was made from the footage and released on social media. The film ending with the message and hashtag – There’s an easier way to avoid useless wedding gifts – #AvoidUselessWeddingGifts


“This is not a typical ad film, it’s a social experiment and activation which doubles up as content and a digital video. And it makes the point in a very real yet entertaining way. Obviously, couples can’t employ ‘Gift Inspectors’ at their weddings to keep useless gifts away but they surely can register their wedding on wedding wishlist, select the gifts they want and share it with their friends. The wedding wishlist is a new but much needed concept in India. And therefore it was important that we introduced it in an attention grabbing way,” explained Amit Akali, Managing Director and Creative Head, What’s Your Problem in a press release.


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