There’s lots to be explored on Cleartrip Local, says latest brand film by Mullen Lintas Bangalore

15 Jul,2016

By A Correspondent


Cleartrip, which was one of the first portals to ease travel plans by offering a clean, simple, and fast solution for booking flights, hotels, and allied services, has now taken on the challenge of making the lives of its customers more fun within cities throughout India. Its latest offering Cleartrip Local, is known to offer more than 20,000 things to do in 50+ cities ranging from activities, fitness, to eating out and events, all under one roof.


To educate the consumers about its new offering, Cleartrip has launched a new brand film that delves on the key brand proposition of offering various services under a single roof. Developed by Mullen Lintas Bangalore, the film revolves around the insight that most consumers today are genuinely at a loss to find something fun to do. Besides the mundane pastimes of movies and malls, there were not many activities that they were aware of taking place in their vicinity. The biggest hook, therefore, for the communication was the discovery of the product itself. The film thought thus has been kept highly colloquial, which has the ability to enter regular conversations of people and fit into their world rather effortlessly.


Commenting on the launch of the new brand film, Subramanya Sharma, CMO Cleartrip Pvt. Ltd. said: “Cleartrip Local is about catering to the ‘here & now’. Mullen Lintas and us brainstormed about the local moments of truth which included the fear of missing out, illusion of ’same old, same old’ in the city and the illusion of complete knowledge around what’s happening around you. And this one line resonated with a lot of us – ‘You are a stranger in your own city’ and out came the central idea for the campaign – ‘What’s happening, lots happening’. Also, while the core idea was nailed, we were worried on the execution as most ideas falter at this stage. But Shriram Iyer and team meticulously planned the details so much that the film came out exactly the way it was visualised in the storyboard. Creativity with perfect execution – we couldn’t ask for more.”


The film begins the protagonist going on with his everyday life but is confronted with people around him pursuing their passions. Whether it is go-karting, kayaking, pot-making, yoga or even dining out at a venue of choice, people are shown doing what they love doing best when they are free. The protagonist is bemused on all these activities taking place around him and wonders what’s really transpiring. The voiceover then summarizes by saying that on Cleartrip Local app, there’s lots happening!


Sharing his views on the film idea & execution, Shriram Iyer, NCD – Mullen Lintas said: “The product is so one-of-a-kind that it pretty much wrote the line ‘what’s happening, lots happening’ itself. Use the app and you’ll know it, there’s seriously some crazy amount of things to do in your own city. Our task then was to crack a device to tell this in an engaging manner. And we tried doing that by literally bringing this alive by showcasing crazy activities in an impossible environment. And the Gujarati rap simply tied it all up in a nice, quirky bow.”


The film has already gone live and will air on popular online & offline channels in the coming weeks.


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