Selfie with RK: Week #2 | Himanshu Dahiya, Media Head @ Maruti

22 Jul,2016

By Rahul Kishore


It is extremely tough to get to meet Himanshu Dahiya, Head of Media, Digital and Research at Maruti Suzuki. Not only does he keep a low profile, he’s also very hardworking and Maruti takes a lot of mileage out of him. I finally got to meet him in his showroom on the ground floor of his huge office building in Delhi’s Vasant Kunj. Over a hot cup of coffee I began by asking him…


What’s your biggest strength?

Analytical , being  creative and I’m extremely fond of brand-building. His previous stints have been with HM and Honda.


What’s your biggest weakness?

I get into too much detailing. May seem a chore but that’s the way I’m built. I’m extremely conscious of the money I spend and always want maximum bang for the buck.


Hardwork or luck?

Completely hardwork. It’s all perspiration. My bosses have been good to me generally speaking but there have been a few exceptions. I have worked extremely hard…


Favourite CEO?

Though it’s competition, but it’s got to be Anand Mahindra, he says with a smile. I find him extremely savvy and suave. He’s fully focussed, very active on social media and digitally inclined. What I really admire is that somehow he seems to find a lot of time and money for social causes.


How would you like to live your life again?

He thinks for a while then he says as a football player. I’ve played at the school level and it’s a game that always fascinates me. Ronaldo is my favourite. I like the glamorous life of the footballers and the money they make.


If a movie were to be made about your life who would you like to play you?

Aamir Khan. He’s meticulous, is a method actor and can spot nuances in my character that even I may not have noticed. As you might have guessed, he’s my favourite actor.


On a scale of 1-10 how weird are you?

My family would rate that an 8. I have two kids 15 and 9 and this question would seem better directed at them. Life is a great teacher and I try to appear normal at work. And work is a large part of my day.


What didn’t you get a chance to include in your CV?

An IIM degree would have been handy even an international  one. I do go to IIM Lucknow for courses but it’s not the same thing.


Describe yourself in 4 words.

Hardworking, Attention to detail, Innovative, Creative


What is your area of interest?

Sports. Im passionate about it and I’m very fond of music.


How often do you destress?

Not as much as I should be… he says with a wry smile. I listen to rock music in English, in Hindi music I do the full range. Guru Dutt, Dev Anand are eternal favourites.


Dream job?

I would love to work in a sports club like a Chelsea or a Real Madrid and enjoy what I love to watch.


If Bill Gates gave you 10 million dollars and asked you to change the world what would be your big idea?

He thinks long and hard, looks at me as if searching for answers. And then says: I would like to empower poor kids, educate them, teach them about sanitation and health and offer them opportunities to secure their futures by creating jobs for them. This remains a #1 cause for worry in India. I believe in his sincerity.


Rate RK as an interviewer?

He smiles, since you’ve managed to extract so much from me and your questions have been excellent I would say 10/10. I nod in agreement.


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