Ruchi Soya plays up health benefits of its Sunrich variant

21 Jul,2016

By A Correspondent


Sunrich, refined sunflower oil from the house of Ruchi Soya Industries Limited launched its new marketing campaign by unveiling a TVC for its target markets primarily focusing on south, since the region is the biggest consumer of sunflower oil. Sunrich’s new TVC is launched in states like Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The objective of the new TVC is to communicate the superiority of Sunrich over other sunflower oils due to its unique proposition of added vitamins and up to 15% low absorption.


The TVC opens with a father dreaming that he is swimming with his son whereas, in reality he is sleeping due to lethargy post having a heavy meal. Priyanka Upendra, the brand ambassador of Sunrich addresses his exasperated wife and family by advising them to switch to Sunrich Refined Sunflower oil, as it is fortified with Vitamins A & D and offers less absorption than ordinary sunflower oil, which helps people remain active even after heavy meal


Commenting on the marketing objective, Alok Mahajan, Head of Marketing, Popular Division of Ruchi Soya Industries Limited says, “People want to eat a wide variety of food to their hearts content, but changing lifestyles keeps people sedentary; making one feel lethargic and put on weight. Hence now people have started ‘watching’ what they eat and counting calories. The main idea around which the TVC is constructed is that when you are ‘lazy’ and ‘lethargic’ your wishes are often only fulfilled in your dreams. For actually converting your wishes to reality you need to be active and healthy.”


Hemant Kumar, Executive Creative Director, Orchard Advertising said, “With brand Sunrich, we identified an opportunity to talk to young married couples who are self-driven to succeed in life. Keeping in mind the reality of their lives, it would be purposeful for the brand to talk about the other side of life they are fast losing out on, which is health.  Sunrich being a sunflower oil, with added benefits of low absorption and added vitamins has the ability to help people live healthy rich.”


It naturally contains Vitamin E and the addition of vitamins A & D which may help in improving eye sight and bone health. Sunrich contains lesser proportion of saturated fats and is significantly fat free which may help reduce cholesterol over time. Unlike ordinary oils food prepared in Sunrich sunflower oils absorbs up to 15% less oil. The sunflower oil has 0% cholesterol and is high in PUFA, which may help improve heart health. Sunrich is also a member of the prestigious National Sunflower Association, USA.


The TVC has been conceptualized by Orchard Advertising and produced by Ignition. Maxus India is the media agency. The TVC will be on air till 14th August 2016.


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