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25 Jul,2016

By A Correspondent


A brainchild of Ranjit Thakur, Media Konnect was officially unveiled as the only exclusive global media exchange and collaboration platform last week in Mumbai. Media Konnect, headquartered in the Netherlands, intends to connect the entire global entertainment fraternity through this mission. Thakur, the founder of Krian Group, has initiated this platform with an aim to provide end-to-end solutions for anyone who wishes to create any type of content bringing together talent exchange, collaboration and increased revenue opportunities to the entire industry.


The platform works like any other social media platform wherein you have to sign up and create your profile. But here the difference is, this platform will help to connect people within media with one another and the verification process is secured. So, if someone creates a profile saying they are a big producer, they need to have proof for the same. The Media Konnect team will take an effort to check and cross reference the work or claims that has been made in the profiles to avoid fraudulent activities. Thakur says even though the process is time consuming and costly, they will do it to maintain the authenticity of the platform.


The concept of Media Konnect was borne out of addressing key industry challenges, which have been observed and experienced by the pioneers, and now, the younger generation, who are aspiring to be part of this industry. For most filmmakers, the biggest challenge is in the inability to identify, connect, and collaborate with talent across different specialisation at commercially viable terms needed to turn an idea into reality that can actually be profitable. Media Konnect looks to address these issues by giving a platform for professionals across a variety of specializations to connect, discuss and transform the filmmaker’s idea into a film.


Elaborating on his experience, Thakur said:  “I have been fortunate to have been part of this industry for more than two decades across both the Indian and International Film community. The basic premise of Media Konnect is for industry professionals around the world to firstly connect with each other, subsidies/grants to be explored in each country, content to be created at lower costs without compromising creativity and ultimately the revenue opportunities to be exploited to its maximum potential “


To extend industry support to the Media Konnect team, Lorelle Yee, Director of Marketing at Screens Producers Australia, Mahesh Narayanan, Managing Director of Saavn, Jamshed Mistry, Advocate and Senior Counsel in the Central Government Panel, Viveck Vaswani, actor, writer and producer, Jeffrey Goldberg, writer, director and actor who heads the Jeff Goldberg Studio in Bandra and Anupam Sharma, filmmaker who is based in Australia, were present and highlighted their perspectives and insights towards the need of a platform like Media Konnect along with the impact it can create on the growth of the industry.


Thakur highlighted that “Media Konnect is not a casting agency, instead covers the entire spectrum of global connections in the content creation and collaboration space. Its versatility stretches from getting subsidy from any country required to make a film to selling the remake rights of a script, to a language a producer would have otherwise never thought of. At the end of the day, Media Konnect will be an online film market with more versatility and flexibility than any film festival in the world “


It will be available as a web platform as well as an app on iOS and android with phased launches in many key global regions over the next quarter to add on to major film markets like in India, China, Mexico, France, USA, and the UK.


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