Indian Oil gets ‘Babaji’ to endorse new product attributes

20 Jul,2016

By A Correspondent


Diesel engine oils constitute an important segment of Indian Oil’s lubricant portfolio. SERVO Pride XL Plus, the advanced diesel engine oil caters to various segments in this category – such as light commercial vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles.


Vehicles these days are designed to be more powerful, which naturally puts a lot of load on the engine oils being used. Drivers and owners would prefer oils that give enhanced fuel economy and longer drain intervals to bring down their operating costs. They would also prefer oils that prevent soot build-up and reduce wear & tear, bringing down the maintenance costs, so as to keep the engines as healthy as possible.


The campaign conceptualized by GREY group India primarily caters to fleet/truck owners. A smooth-running fleet means their customers are assured of timely delivery of goods which attracts more business. The need was to position Servo Pride XL Plus as a reliable ally that ensures their trucks and operations run uninterrupted, every day.


The main protagonist in the campaign is ‘Babaji’, a wise man who understands the problems faced by fleet/truck owners and their families. Maintenance of these trucks comes at a cost, which is eventually borne by the family. That’s because maintaining these trucks takes up a lot of time and attention, leaving truck/fleet owners little time to deal with their personal issues.


In the TVC, ‘Babaji’ recommends Servo Pride XL Plus as a solution to all their problems.


Indrajit Bose

Indrajit Bose, Executive Director I/C (Corporate Communications & Branding), Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, said, “We wanted to position Servo Pride XL Plus as a reliable partner that ensures fleet operations run smooth. Communicating this broad yet unique thought was a little challenge as it had never been done in this category. However, the scripts presented to us by GREY made us chuckle and instantly helped us gain confidence in this thought. Furthermore, the TVC artistically directed by Nirvana Films took the films to a different level and will enable us to effectively connect with our diversified consumers across the country.”



Vineet Singh

Vineet Singh, Senior Vice President and Office Head, GREY group India (Mumbai) said, “Fleet/truck owners are always under stress when their trucks are on the move, and this stress is invariably passed on to their families in one way or the other. The communications attempts to address the root cause of all these problems in a light-hearted manner.”

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