Da Vinci Learning amplifies digital play with launch of OTT service

19 Jul,2016



With Over the top content (OTT) being the new big thing in broadcasting, Da Vinci Learning announced the launch of its OTT service. The platform will provide on the go access to the programming and content of the channel. The OTT service has been launched as a web based service accessible through its website and will be soon available via an app as well.


With Da Vinci Learning’s OTT service now in the hands of viewers there TV watching experience will be further accentuated and will turn into a meaningful experience, helping children develop various skills early-on, encouraging older viewers to keep asking questions and inviting families to take their learning journeys together. The content on Da Vinci Learning OTT play is safe for the consumption of kids. The entire bedrock of the OTT service is based on Da Vinci Learning’s promise of “Kids Safe” content.


The platform allows the users to choose from a wide range of content including Maths, Science, Space, Wildlife, Food etc. After logging in, the kid can watch full episodes on all their favourite topics and can also keep a track of the show timings on-air.


The portal has different sections like Your Favourites, What’s Hot, Da Vinci’s Superstars where kids can view their favourite shows as well as shows that are popular with other kids. They will also be able to rate, like & add shows to their wishlist. The thematic of the service is built with kids in mind and uses very intuitive and a kids friendly design.


Commenting on the same, Monomita Mukhopadhyay, Marketing Director at Da Vinci Learning said, “Today the viewers consumption pattern is changing dynamically; kids no more stick to the flat screen and wait for programs, rather they access content anytime, anywhere and on multiple devices of their choice.”


She further added, “OTT is expected to grow exponentially in coming years and India will be the second largest market in Asia Pacific according to the Media Partners Asia report. Being in the TV broadcast industry we are committed to keeping pace with the dynamically changing scenario of the industry.”


As a part of their OTT portal launch offering, Da Vinci Learning is offering a limited period free subscription to the portal. Some of the show highlights available at OTT play are Little Einstein, Mind-blowing breakthroughs, Maths is all around us, Gastroblast, Chasing happiness etc.


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